Entertaining in Your Granny Annexe – 5 Ideas

Downsizing to a granny annexe doesn’t mean you have to give up your social life or the things you enjoy such as having family come over for dinner. Read our latest blog post for tips on entertaining in your granny annexe. Is There Enough Room in a Granny Annexe? One of the initial concerns you […]

Granny Annexe Legal Requirements

Planning a granny annexe is a big project and beforehand you will have plenty of questions. Here on the iHUS blog, we try to answer as many of those as possible. Granny annexe legal requirements will likely be one of your first thoughts; particularly planning permission. Below we answer some of the most common questions […]

Elderly Care in a Granny Annexe

Elderly care is considered to be in a bit of a crisis in the UK; many elderly people either don’t want to go into residential homes, they or their families can’t afford the costs, or, they cannot find a suitable placement. Having some sense of independence and dignity is important for an elderly person, that’s […]

Care Pods and Assisted Living

We’ve talked about the numerous uses for granny annexes before on our blog, one of the great uses is as an assisted living facility. So-called care pods, offer a safe environment for people with disabilities of all types to live semi-independently, whilst still having care close by. What are Care Pods? Care pods are granny […]

Granny Annexes for Couples – Valentine’s Day

As tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and love is in the air, we thought we would explore some of our granny annexes for couples.  Young or old, romance never dies, and we guarantee that any couple could live quite happily in most of our granny annexes. Are Granny Annexes Big Enough for Couples? You might be […]

Granny Annexe Layout – The Best Floorplans From iHUS

Your granny annexe layout needs to maximise living space and make life easier – considering the smaller overall footprint of the building. A tall order but we here at iHUS we have designed our annexes to meet and exceed these expectations.

Granny Annexe Cladding – Stylish Options From iHUS

When you’re planning your granny annexe with iHUS, one of the most exciting parts of the process is choosing the exterior finish of your annexe. It’s the chance to really make your annexe unique to you, choosing a finish you like and that blends in with existing buildings. Read on to view our granny annexe […]

Alternative Uses for Granny Annexes – Two Great Ideas

space needed for a granny annexe

Believe it or not, granny annexes aren’t just for grannies! There are alternative uses for granny annexes that are beneficial for both financial and practical purposes. Below, we discuss two alternative uses for granny annexes that we have seen become popular in recent years. If you look at our projects, you will find that we […]