Traditional Granny Annexes

A traditional granny annexe can increase the value of the existing property, bring independence to a loved one, and is an attractive addition to a family home. But what makes a granny annex traditional? And how do you balance tradition and innovation so you don’t end up with a nasty, old fashioned looking granny annexe? […]

What to Consider Before Building A Granny Annexe

Building a granny annexe can be a huge, life-changing decision. It is not one that should be entered into lightly. You are likely to have a million questions, like ‘do I need planning permission?’, ‘how disruptive will it be?’ and ‘can I finance it?’. Fortunately, all these ‘nitty gritty’ questions can be answered during the […]

Superfoods for Seniors

If you are lucky enough to still be living independently, or are perhaps caring for a parent, you might be looking for food that is both delicious and will keep seniors healthy and sprightly. Have a look here at our suggestions for superfoods for seniors to put the spring back in your step.

Spring Style Tips for Your Granny Annexe

Spring is almost upon us and we are excited! We love the potential for a whole new beginning and don’t think out beautiful granny annexes should be any different. So, throw out that sofa, tear down your curtains, and rip out your kitchen! Or, if that sounds a bit drastic, have a look at our […]

How To Talk About Care Options With Your Parents

There reaches a time in most of our lives when it is time to talk to about care options with your parent or parents. It might be that you have noticed one parent becoming less independent, or maybe they are having more little incidents around the home. Whatever your motivation for thinking it is time […]

Modern Kitchen Features To Fit Your Granny Annex

Many of us pore over glossy images of high end, well designed kitchens thinking ‘if only’. But maybe it isn’t entirely unrealistic to get the sleek design and functionality of your dream kitchen. Commissioning a granny annex is an exciting chance to have your kitchen built exactly as you want it. All the iHus granny […]

How Do You Get Utilities to Your Granny Annexe?

Amongst the many questions you have when building a granny annexe is how you sort out the utilities. Things like water and electricity are essential for comfortable living and no granny annexe would be complete without them. This post explains everything you need to know about getting utilities to a granny annexe.

World Book Day: The Best Books for Those Living in a Granny Annexe

Seen as tomorrow is World Book Day, we have put together a list of books that anyone living in a granny annexe will find useful. From gardening to design, we’ve thought of it all! Happy reading. Gardening Books for Granny Annexe Owners If you’re moving into a granny annexe either because you’re retiring or you […]

Building a Granny Annexe – Our Process from Start to Finish

One of the greatest reasons to choose iHUS to build your granny annexe is that we manage the entire process from start to finish. We look after every single aspect of your project including planning permission. Read on for more details about our granny annexe process. What Does the Granny Annexe Process Involve? Building a […]