Granny Annexe Disabled Access

Are granny annexes suitable for disabled people? Especially those with mobility problems or wheelchair users? Let’s look at some of the reasons why a granny annexe might be a good choice for someone with a disability. iHUS make granny annexe disabled access easy. What is a Granny Annexe? The term granny annexe is commonly used […]

The Best Recipes for Easter Lunch in Your Annexe

Easter is just around the corner and by the sound of the weather forecast, it’s going to be a scorcher! The annual holiday is the perfect time to gather the family and cook up a great lunch – whether you celebrate Easter or not. Family time is precious so take advantage of the holidays and […]

Granny Annexe Objections: Dealing with the Neighbours

Neighbours can be a concern when it comes to building a granny annexe; especially if you think that yours may have objections. Read on for guidance on informing neighbours of intended plans, planning permission and granny annexe objections. Should I Tell My Neighbours I’m Building a Granny Annexe? We believe it’s a good idea to […]

iHUS Granny Annexes: Activities For The Grandkids Over the Easter Holidays

Two bedroom granny annexes are perfect for those who want space for their grandchildren to stay

The Easter holidays are almost upon us and any parent knows that means one thing; bored kids! There are only so many days they can entertain themselves before you must get creative and crack out some activities. Failing that, pack the kids off to Granny’s for a few days! If you are looking after your […]

Is Your Garden Suitable for a Granny Annexe & How To Find Out

There is a misconception that in order to install a garden granny annexe on your property you need lots of spare land or that you won’t be able to obtain planning permission. This isn’t the case though – the majority of iHUS customers have an average suburban back garden and find the planning process very […]

Modern Granny Annexes

ihus granny annexe

Last week we talked about traditional granny annexes. This week we are trotting back into 21st century living and looking at modern granny annexes. A granny annexe is a fantastic way of enabling family members to live closely together whilst each retaining some independence and privacy. And despite the slang name ‘granny annexe’, they are […]