EasyPlan Range

The EasyPlan range from iHUS provides a simple route to luxury garden living. Available in one or two-bedroom models, these annexes will enhance almost any property and don’t require formal planning permission.

Built off site, using materials that far surpass the quality of a typical ‘mobile home’, each model can be delivered in one or two complete parts and installed within days.

  • Wentworth Annexe Pitched Roof

    The Wentworth | 2 Bed | From £90,570

    Be amazed at this two-bedroom annexe, designed with a master bedroom and smaller second bedroom that can be used as a home study or craft room if preferred.

  • The Bolton Pitched Roof

    The Bolton | 1 Bed | From £70,410

    You will love the Bolton, a perfect choice for elderly care or an independent young adult looking for their first home. This is our most popular one-bedroom annexe.

  • Hazelwood Annexe Pitch Roof

    The Hazelwood | 1 Bed | From £72,420

    The Hazelwood The smallest annexe in our EasyPlan range, The Hazelwood is one of our most…

  • Cusworth Annexe Pitched Roof

    The Cusworth | 1 Bed | From £82,850

    Discover the largest one-bedroom annexe in our EasyPlan range, providing a spacious living area with separate kitchen. The double bedroom has plenty of storage with en-suite shower room.

  • Allerton Granny Annexe Pitched Roof

    The Allerton | 2 Bed | From £85,160

    Take a look at this alternative two-bedroom layout with central living space and bedrooms at each side of the annexe. The Allerton is the ideal footprint for those looking for large open plan living.

  • Brodsworth Annexe Pitched Roof

    The Brodsworth | 1 Bed | From £70,560

    Take a look at the Brodsworth Granny Annexe, a spacious one-bedroom annexe, designed for those with a larger garden plot. The design uses a central shower room to separate the bedroom and open plan kitchen/living area.

Benefits of the iHUS EasyPlan Range

A Simple Route To Luxury Garden Living

No Need To Obtain Full Planning Permission

Built Off-site And Installed Within Days

Experience An EasyPlan Walk-Through…

As Standard Our EasyPlan Specification Includes…

  • Fully fitted kitchen
  • Shower room
  • Marley Cedral Lap cladding
  • A choice of laminate flooring

The EasyPlan Process

Our EasyPlan annexes are built off site, using materials that far surpass the quality of a typical ‘caravan’. Each model can be delivered in one or two complete parts and installed within days.

All you need to know…

The EasyPlan range has been designed not to require formal planning permission. Each model has been carefully developed to pass three key tests as set out in the Caravan Act in order to be considered a caravan.

The Caravan Sites Act 1968, or Caravan Act as it’s more commonly known, has set criteria for what constitutes a caravan (i.e. mobile home). These relate to size, mobility and construction.

Size. All eight of our EasyPlan annexes are much smaller in form than the prescribed maximum dimensions for a caravan, and therefore meet the requirements of the size test.

Mobility. Our mobile homes are designed with structural integrity in order to be lifted by crane. We use a swift plinth foundation system, which provides a minimum ground clearance of 150mm. This allows for a lifting rig to pass under the unit and therefore capable of being moved around the site and loaded on to the back of a lorry.

Construction. Whether your annexe is built on-site or delivered as a complete modular unit, our construction methodology meets the requirements stated in section 13(1) (a) of the Caravan Sites Act 1968 Twin-unit caravans.

Obtaining sign off from the council so the structure can be considered a caravan is a key part of our turnkey service. Our experts take care of everything and liaise directly with your local planning authority (LPA). In
most cases, the end result is a ‘Certificate of Lawfulness’. This is a legal document provided by the LPA confirming that the proposal is in fact a mobile home and does not require planning permission.

The EasyPlan process is simple, hence the name. Here’s how it works…

1. Book a free on-site consultation

One of our experts will visit your property to assess the suitability of your garden and discuss your preferred annexe model and options.

2. Receive detailed quotation

We’ll provide you with a detailed quotation for your chosen annexe, which includes a clear breakdown of all options and associated costs.

3. Sign-up & obtain legal permission

If you’re ready to proceed, we’ll re-visit your home to finalise your choices, sign all order documents and then apply for a Certificate of Lawfullness.

4. Agree your build slot

Once we’ve obtained permission to site your annexe, we’ll immediately notify you and schedule a build slot for your annexe to be constructed and installed.

5. We build & install your annexe

Access permitting, we’ll deliver your annexe as a complete unit and install it within days. Alternatively, we’ll build it on-site and complete within 8-weeks.

6. Move in to your new home

Following your final inspection and sign-off, we handover the keys to your new home. We also include a ten-year insurance-backed guarantee.

Request Further Information

Whether you would like to request a brochure, schedule a free on-site consultation or just have a few questions, please submit your details with a quick message and we’ll get back to you.

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