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0808 164 1111

A Grand Plan

Get your annexe into planning for just £1,000

If you’re considering a garden annexe for your loved ones, it’s an ideal time to start the planning process. It turns out the current UK lockdown presents a great opportunity to submit a planning application; why you might you ask?

1.) Councils are fully-equipped for efficient home-working
2.) Case officers have greater decision making powers
3.) Increased emphasis placed on annexe-type applications

To help you make the most of this, from now until 15 June 2020, we’re reducing the cost of our planning service. For just £1,000, we’ll submit and manage a dual application (householder and Caravan Act) for your proposed project.

You’re in safe hands, as we currently obtain permission to build with over a 90% success rate. So, contact us to arrange a virtual consultation, and start your Grand Plan. 

For new orders signed and paid after the 1st April 2020.

Our Grand Plan offer is available across our entire Core Annexe Range

Request a Virtual Consultation to learn more.

How it Works

  • Step 1 | Planning ReportUsing your address details, our planning expert, Oliver Wright, will review your site to assess the likelihood of obtaining permission to build.
  • Step 2 | Phone/Video CallWe’ll discuss your specific needs, from garden location and required service runs, to the unique design and specification of your annexe.
  • Step 3 | Drawing & QuoteWe collate this information into a full set of drawings and itemised quotation. We'll even superimpose your proposed annexe in your garden.

    This can all be complete within a matter of days, and without the need for close-contact.

Request a Virtual Consultation

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The annexes are the perfect answer: You are near to family, but you still have your independence. I would recommend it to anyone.

Diane Diggins, iHUS Community