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0808 164 1111

Granny Annexe Finance

If you’re keen to start a project, but don’t have the funds available, we can help to arrange flexible and affordable granny annexe finance.

Working with Pegasus Personal Finance, we now have a finance partner that can help you to quickly access the granny annexe finance you need. We help plenty of people get the granny annexe they want in an affordable, hassle free way. 

Absolutely hands down the best choice. The most economical choice. She wouldn’t have got this for twice the money. It has given me a lot more peace of mind.

Donna Giles
iHUS Community Member

Keep Loved Ones Close

There are plenty of ways to provide care for ageing or dependent family members, but many of these options result in a loss of independence for our loved ones.

Building a granny annexe is a great way to retain a high-level of independence, whilst staying close to the family. Our friends at Pegasus provide an affordable and stress-free way to access the funds you need to achieve this, without having to save-up or wait to or sell an existing property.

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Quick & Simple Process

As one of the UK’s leading finance brokers, Pegasus has direct access to the best UK finance options, plus their service is free and zero obligation.

Simply decide on the total amount you want to borrow (view our HUSCore annexe prices here) and the duration of your loan. The Pegasus team will advise on your options and can typically approve a loan within 60 minutes.

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If you simply have a question for us, please submit your details, along with a quick message, and we’ll back to you ASAP. You can also reach us on 0808 1641111 or email us at enquiries@ihusannexe.com

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