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4 High Quality Granny Annexes For Under £90,000

marley cedral clad granny annexe from iHUS

When you are looking for high quality granny annexes for under £90,000 it can be difficult to choose where to invest the budget that you have to get the maximum return on investment in the long term.

With granny annexes like our Core garden annexes starting at around £70,000 for a high quality annexe, it can be easy to lose sight of what’s really important when it comes to investing in building an annexe in your back garden.

For a lot of people looking at granny annexes as a way of downsizing on a permanent basis they are literally putting their life-savings or equity released from their main home into an annexe to live in on a permanent basis.

This makes the quality of the build itself extremely important because you want an annexe that is built to last.

The vast majority of your budget should go into the building itself.

We believe that granny annexes whether they are for young family members, older family members or family members somewhere in between should create a win / win for everyone concerned.

The last thing you will need as a family is problem after problem of maintaining an annexe that may “look nice” but isn’t actually built correctly or to Building Regulation standards. This is something we bear in mind when it comes to recommending the best annexe for each individual customer.

If you have a budget of around £90,000 to invest in a high quality granny annexe in your back garden, make sure everyone wins by starting with these 4 brilliant annexe designs and styles that all come in under £85,000 for the completed project, including some popular upgrades.


4 High Quality Granny Annexes Under £90,000 | 1. The Cantley

The Cantley granny annexe design is one of most popular annexes because of its floor plan and overall design appeal of a small bungalow.

When you are thinking about annexe living, a great way to think about making “the leap” as it were, is to imagine living in a guest lodge style home on a permanent basis. Although annexes like this one are classed as a mobile home, they are not built in the same way as a residential park home or holiday lodge.

These granny annexes are built with a timber frame (probably just like the home you live in now) and clad externally with Marley Cedral Cladding which is guaranteed for 50 years.

With highly insulated walls, plaster finish interior walls throughout once you decorate a garden annexe like this (and we do that but for you too) you will end up with a real little home in your back garden.

Below is the doll’s house view of the Cantley Extra Granny or Garden annexe which starts at £80,900 complete. *Cedral cladding is an extra cost. (soft furnishings and wardrobes are for illustration purposes only.)


4 High Quality Granny Annexes Under £90,000 | 2. The Bawtry

In the UK we tend to judge the size of any house or annexe by the number of bedrooms, but with granny annexes in particular it’s all about the overall square metre or square foot space.

Successful annex living is all about making lifestyle changes, whether it downsizing for the foreseeable future or perhaps as a starter home or the way for a young family member to save up for their first home.

Granny annexes like the Bawtry garden annexe is ideal for one person living or as a one bedroom “starter home” for a young couple.

With the phrase “house with a granny annexe” being the most searched for phrase on Google for the term “granny annexe” adding an annexe to meet your needs today can also be an excellent investment for your main home in the future.

Although your new valuation will depend on the location of your main home as with any house resale, the fact is the better the annexe is built, the more desirable your home will be to resell in the future should circumstances change.

Below is the doll’s house view of the Bawtry Extra Granny Annexe  which starts at £79,700 complete. (soft furnishings and wardrobes are for illustration purposes only.)



4 High Quality Granny Annexes Under £90,000 | 3. The Ravenscroft

When you are looking at granny annexes to build in your garden for under £80,000 the Ravenscroft granny annexe gives you the most adaptable living space of all of the granny annexes for under £80,000.

With its lovely open plan living space, larger bedroom and great floor plan, most people can easily see themselves enjoying annexe living in a floor plan like this.

All granny annexes have to be subordinate to the main house for your Local Planning Authority to even consider your granny annexe planning application, let alone approve it.

The idea of self-building a large 2 or 3 bedroom annexe will only ever be determined by the size and style of the main home and the plot size of the garden.

In all cases granny annexes must also be ancillary to the main house and they can never be sold off as a separate dwelling. Your Local Planning Authority will put that as a condition of granting planning permission for your annexe in all cases.

What annexes allow you to do is to box clever with your budget and for that reason we always try and stay within a reasonable budget for your annexe build. It is all too easy to get carried away with designing your ideal home from scratch and lose sight of what you are trying to achieve which should be transformation for the people concerned.

The ideal scenario is to downsize to an annexe and put any surplus in the bank. That way it becomes a win / win for everyone concerned.

Below is the doll’s house view of the Ravenscroft Extra Granny or Garden annexe which starts at £84,700 complete. (soft furnishings and wardrobes are for illustration purposes only.)


4 High Quality Granny Annexes Under £90,000 | 4. The Dunscroft

For a real “Picture perfect” granny annexe the one bedroom Dunscroft annexe checks all the boxes for kerb appeal and floor plan design. With a generous kitchen plus plenty of living space, most people start with the Dunscroft as their favourite design as it usually suits a corner in the garden where you could site one of our granny annexes.

The Dunscroft is one of the most popular additions to the IHUS HUScore range and is a popular L-shape which adds a touch of character.

With a generous kitchen already included, this granny annexe is a great way to stay within your target budget of under £90,000 complete.

Below is the doll’s house view of the L-shaped Dunscroft Granny or Garden annexe which starts at £88,300 complete. (soft furnishings and wardrobes are for illustration purposes only.

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