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The legal side of annexe planning

Your iHus annexe price includes all aspects of planning approval.

From forming the best strategy and compiling and submitting forms to liaising with the local Planning Officers and gaining final permission, we handle every last detail.
When it comes to annexes, the law can be complicated.

Annexe are generally classified as ‘ancillary’ to the main house (that is, they can be inhabited whilst sharing certain facilities of the family home – for example, the address, access point or garden). This means they can’t be classed under Permitted Development rights.

To offer the greatest likelihood of planning approve, our specialists tend to adopt a two-pronged attack. We’ve developed this unique approach through many years of experience, and it achieves planning permission in 90% of cases. Simply put, we submit a Householder Application in the first instance, followed by the same plan submission under the Caravan Act as a safety net.

Householder applications

These are the simplest way of obtaining planning approval. Householder applications cover all works to be completed to a dwelling. That includes everything from a small extension to a full garden annexe. Our experts forward this type of application along with a personal statement which outlines your specific circumstances and need for the annexe. This statement generally focuses on the need for extra care for an elderly relative or for children to enjoy more independence.

Caravan Act applications

This is our fall-back position. Introduced in 1968, the Caravan Act is
generally in place to uphold the legal rights of those who live on caravan
sites. However, we can use section 29 of the Act which defines the terms
‘caravan’ or ‘mobile home’ to bolster our planning case. Under section 29, for a dwelling to qualify as a caravan or mobile home it must meet requirements within 3 aspects of the Caravan Sites Act – size, mobility and construction. Each of these has to be satisfied for the Certificate of Lawfulness to be passed.

The mobile home must be no more than 20m long, 6.8m wide and 3.05m in height. It has to be capable of being transported by road, and it should be built from no more than 2 sections that have been separately constructed and designed to be assembled on site. If these requirements are satisfied then the annexe can be approved as a mobile home and planning consent granted.

The planning process

1. Pre- Application
We highly recommend seeking out planning advice first to ensure your proposed plans are achievable and if not, what changes can be made to grant the best chance of success. Ihus work alongside a trusted consultant and can put you in touch straight away if required.
2. Application and Submission
both the Householder and Certificate of Lawfulness application will be submitted electronically to your Local Planning Authority via the Planning Portal. This will be a robust and persuasive document to justify the proposal. It is worth nothing the pricing differs between the two applications. For an annexe (Householder Application) the price is £238.20 and the fee for a mobile home would be £135.20. These are both including the planning portal surcharge
3. Validation
Your LPA will check they have all the information they require and will contact your consultant should they require anything further. The application is then validated and can be registered. The validation stage can take 1-3 weeks dependent on the busyness of the LPA.
4. Consultation and Publicity
During this period your submission will be published through a number of outlets. This will allow the local community to be aware and comment any concerns 21 days from the published date.
5. Site Visit
Should it be required, the planning officer will attend the site and make an inspection.
6. Consideration of Application
Your application will be compared against existing council policies plus any due to be brought in. Checks will be carried out to ensure the site is meeting council standards such as parking and day lighting.
7. Recommendation
Taking into account all of the above, the planning officer will make a recommendation to be taken the senior planning officer. They will then make the final decision.
8. Decision
either approved or could be refused. With an approval it may be subject to certain conditions, refusals can also be appealed.

Who are iHus

We’re the UK’s foremost name in bespoke garden annexes. Our homes are unequalled for their design flair and build quality, and every iHus annexe features a 10-year insurance-backed guarantee.

Our experts even handle all aspects of planning to make the whole process stress-free. It’s good to know we also tailor our approach around needs and aspirations, from our free opening site consultation to our generous choice of finishing touches.

Watertight Guarantee

Every single iHus annexe is protected by a copper-bottomed 10-year guarantee against faulty workmanship. Insurance- backed, it covers both the annexe structure and all groundworks. It’s also good to know we boast more than three decades in construction and some 400 luxury garden annexes nationwide to our name, so you can trust us to deliver a home you’ll love for many years to come.

Annexe Planning Permission

Obtaining planning permissions from the Local Planning Authority for your annexe build is a vital part of our service – and we’re successful nine times out of ten.
Our favoured route is to pursue a householder planning application. But if this fails we can also submit a Caravan Act application, which can often gain us the permission we need to build.

Superb Choice

We have the perfect iHus to match your needs to perfection. You can choose from our impressive collection of luxurious one and two-bed annexes from as little as £82,669 – or we can create a completely customised home to your exact specifications.
All our annexes begin life at our workshops in South Yorkshire, where we also source our enviable selections of high quality fixtures and fittings.

Streamlined Process

Gaining planning consent from Local Planning Authority (LPA) is the first stage. Then we map out a convenient building schedule with you.
Thanks to our smart production facilities and ultra-efficient planning, we can generally construct an iHus annexe in as little as seven weeks. That includes everything from the groundworks up – all the way to our rigorous post-build quality checks.

Setting the standards for annexe building.

iHus proudly follow the guidelines laid out in the National Annexe Providers Consultancy. To find out more visit napc.uk.

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Next steps

Your iHus journey begins with an initial call to get to know you a little better and to understand your needs.

Talking to one of our iHus Annexe Experts we can answer any questions you might have and lay the groundwork for your perfect iHus Annexe.

We begin by getting to know you personally. chatting to you via zoom in your free virtual consultation will help us to understand your personal family situation and your needs so that we can build an iHus that is perfect for you.

We’ll also get to know about the plot of garden land you have in mind to situate the annexe. Its size, shape and orientation – as well as your available budget so that we can plan ahead.

Next, we’ll chat through the best size and layouts for your new home to perfectly match your unique requirements and personal preferences. This includes whether you would prefer one or two bedrooms, as well as how we can design your iHus in a way that reflects your lifestyle.

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      Simply fill in the form and you will be emailed a link to download our 32 page annexe brochure. Please check your Junk mail if your brochure doesn’t appear in your inbox

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      Download Your Free Annexe Brochure

        Simply fill in the form and you will be emailed a link to download our 32 page annexe brochure. Please check your Junk mail if your brochure doesn’t appear in your inbox

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        We know that building an annexe can seem daunting which is why we created our Signature Move process.

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