How much does a self contained garden annexe cost?

Self contained garden annexes are a highly effective – and surprisingly affordable – way to increase the usability of your outdoor spaces.  By choosing a reputable and recommended supplier, you can secure this structure at a very competitive price.  As a durable, weather-resistant and stylish structure, all at a very affordable cost, annexes really do […]

Driving Support for Macmillan: Our Fundraising Event at Styrrup Golf Course

In the idyllic greens of Styrrup Golf Course in Doncaster, an event of significance is set to tee off. As the UK’s leading Granny Annexe company, giving back to people in need is at the heart of what we do. This time, we’re hosting a charity event for Macmillan Cancer Support – an organisation whose […]

A complete guide to transforming your outdoor living space

If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor living space as part of your property, you want to ensure that you’re making the most out of it! Not only are granny annexes stylish, cosy and convenient spaces indoors, they also offer a fantastic way for families to fully embrace the great outdoors. What better way […]

6 Key Steps to Buying a Granny Annexe in 2023

Where to start when buying a granny annexe?  Firstly, the term granny annexe is somewhat outdated. Annexes are for multi-generational living for both young and old, specifically for family members. It is challenging when the need arises to provide independent living and support for you or a loved one. There are many questions to consider; […]

Our complete guide to building an annexe in the garden

Annexes are one of the most popular areas of property investments, and it’s easy to see why. The benefits that annexes offer are unique, and include everything from increasing the value of your property, to getting young people on the property ladder, and providing the opportunity to create a completely bespoke, personalised expansion of your […]

What are the most popular alternative ways to buy a house in the UK?

Room in an annexe

When it comes to the property market, young people in the UK are facing an exceptionally challenging and turbulent climate – are there alternative ways to buy a house though?  With skyrocketing property prices, record-breaking mortgage rates and the help to buy scheme ending, it’s hard to imagine a more challenging period for first time […]

iHus’ Turn-Key Package for Annexe Installation

From ideas to Annexe Installation and handing over of keys

Call it a granny annexe or a garden annexe, when it comes to annexe installation, the iHus team is here to make your life easy. We pride ourselves on the support we offer throughout the entire project for every single build we deliver. From the initial idea and discovery as you look for inspiration, right […]

Our Guide on Granny Annexe Council Tax Rules

Annexe council tax rules review

We’re frequently asked about Annexe Council Tax Rules – and whether or not this particular type of dwelling is liable for paying a bill. Prior to 2014, the simple answer would have been yes – with two Council Tax bills being levied on properties featuring an annexe. Now though, things are a little more complex […]

Why are Houses with a Granny Annexe Worth More Money?

Houses with granny annexe

It’s common knowledge that making developments to your property impacts its market value, whether it’s an annexe build or not. But, what exactly makes houses with a granny annexe worth more money – and just how much of a boost could you expect? Discover the answers in this ultimate guide on the investment value behind […]

Social Activities for Elderly Annexe Owners

Social activities for elderly

While we all dream of retirement in our working days, nothing quite prepares us for daily life as a retiree. Budgeting, care costs and inheritance tax are growing concerns – but none are more pressing than how you’ll occupy your time. Loneliness is common in seniors, with over 1.4 million older people in the UK […]