Energy Efficient Home Design… Retrofitting vs a New-Build iHus Annexe

Home designing

Energy efficient home design is becoming increasingly important in this age of financial uncertainty and rising bill payments. In fact – according to a recent UK-wide study, 61% of potential buyers are now prioritising energy-efficiency when hunting down a new home. New-build annexes are financially beneficial for a wide range of reasons; they lower the […]

Luxury Garden Pods: How to Annexe in Style…

Ham Annexe

If you told someone you were moving into an annexe a decade ago, it’s likely you’d be met with concern about living in ‘some kind of garden shed’. Over the years though, they’ve transformed into a thing of luxury. Far from your bog-standard garden shed, these high-spec and contemporary living spaces have become an increasingly […]

4 Reasons to have a New Year, Fresh Start in an Annexe

As we enter 2023, how does a new year, fresh start sound? Helen and Kevin Lewis sought our help constructing an annexe for Helen’s ageing parents Austin and Theresa McCoy- and they’ve found it works perfectly for them since. Read on for all the reasons you should take the granny annexe plunge this year, according […]

Perks of Multigenerational Living in an Annexe at Christmas

Earlier this year, we were delighted to welcome legendary broadcaster – and first-ever King of the Jungle, Tony Blackburn, as our official brand ambassador. Now, he’s putting his skills to use by meeting with some past projects customers to share their experiences of multigenerational living. With Tony originally coming to iHus for his own bespoke […]

Understanding Estate Planning Law

Estate planning advice

While death is never a pleasant conversation; estate planning gives peace of mind over what will happen when you’re gone. Take a look at our guide