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Granny Annexe: The Smart Elderly Care Alternative

With care home costs continuing to rise, a granny annexe can prove to be a cost-effective elderly care alternative. When compared to the UK average cost for residential care, a typical iHUS granny annexe will pay for itself within the first 2-3 years.

Popular Annexes for Elderly Care

Our core granny annexe range features 30 different footprints, all of which are available with a range of finishes and options. Here are some of our most popular models for elderly care alternatives.

The Cantley

1 Bedroom | From £64,000

The Bawtry

1 Bedroom | From £65,000

Advice on buying an Annexe

Value for Money

When you or your relative is thinking of moving to a smaller property, a bungalow or flat are options you might consider.

When iHUS customer Ingrid wanted to downsize, her initial thought was to purchase a flat closer to daughter, Donna.

“My daughter wanted me to move closer to her and it was her who proposed a granny annexe,” says Ingrid. “I’m not getting any better, I need care and she wanted to look after me, so it seemed like a good idea.”

Donna explained that when they first looked at flats and compared what they could get, an annexe provided far better value for money.

Mum would have had to have invested most of the money that she got from the sale of her house to get a property that had the same high standard as her annexe. And on top of that, there would have been annual service fees. We initially looked at a static caravan as an alternative, but felt we wanted something a little more lifelong. That’s when we came across iHUS.

Donna Giles
iHUS Community Member

One of the key reasons for downsizing to a granny annexe is lack of companionship. Having family members nearby can provide peace of mind for everyone – keeping Mum and Dad within easy reach, but letting them enjoy their independence at the same time. It is a sociable and independent nursing home or elderly care alternative. 

Releasing equity to buy a granny annexe is not only a savvy investment, but a great way to support the mental wellbeing and safety of your loved ones. However, don’t take our word for it, why not listen to real life reviews from our customers experiencing this growing lifestyle first hand…

Projects For You

We’ve met with hundreds of people looking for care home and elderly care alternatives for their parent(s). It’s the most common reason we come across for building a granny annexe in the back garden, and we take great pride in bringing families closer together. Here are a couple of projects that we’ve recently completed.

Granny Annex inspiration UK

The 'Shack At The Back'

A two-bedroom Cadeby Extra Plus, finished in grey green Marley cedral weatherboard with flat-roof and feature canopy.

Wilson Annexe iHUS Community

As Seen On The BBC

Margaret Wilson and daughter Nicky recently had their custom annexe featured on BBC One. Click to watch the video walk-though.

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We’ve built over 150 garden annexes over the years, and have pictures of most completed projects. So, if you need further inspiration, and would like to view further portfolio images, please get in touch.

If you simply have a question for us, please submit your details, along with a quick message, and we’ll back to you ASAP. You can also reach us on 0808 1641111 or email us at enquiries@ihusprojects.com

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