Giles' Elegant Creation

Ingrid and daughter, Donna Giles, opted for a custom designed two-bedroom annexe with a large outdoor decked area.



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12.5m x 6m



About the Giles'

This Bespoke Annexe is clad in Dark Grey Marley Cedral Weatherboard with a EPDM Synthetic rubber flat roof.

Featuring Grey Trim UPVc Facias and Anthracite Grey on White windows and doors. This bespoke design also boasts an eye-catching overshoot canopy with front LED Lights.


Absolutely hands down the best choice. The most economical choice. She wouldn’t have got this for twice the money. It has given me a lot more peace of mind.

The Perfect Annexe Solution

Ingrid and daughter Donna Giles opted for a custom designed two-bedroom annexe with large outdoor decked area. For them, an annexe made economic sense and afforded Donna peace of mind.

Giles annexe floorplan

The Giles' Story

Donna Giles started researching online what options her and her Mum, Ingrid had when it came to granny flats or annexes. Ingrid had deteriorating health and a couple of falls so Donna was naturally worried about her mum’s safety living on her own. Ingrid agreed that she would feel better downsizing and living closer to her daughter.

Initially, the pair viewed a flat not far from Donnas home but still felt Ingrid needed to live closer.

“After looking at several options, including building an extension or buying a static caravan, we came across iHUS.” Says Donna. “an annexe started to make a lot of sense to us as it would mean Mum would still have her own private home, she would be nearby, and the structure would be permanent as opposed to something like a caravan. We decided on an annexe as we had a large area of lawn in the garden that we never used. Aside from mowing the grass we never went there.”

Decision made, the annexe was installed on time without any issues and is now a key feature of the family’s garden as well as a home for Ingrid. The annexe installed is a bespoke design, clad in Dark Grey Marley Cedral Weatherboard with an EPDM Synthetic rubber flat roof. Grey facias and white windows and doors were added to complete the contemporary look of the annexe. Referred to as ‘the lodge’ by Donna and Ingrid, the annexe an eye-catching overshoot canopy with LED Lights. A large decking area was also added so that the family could add a hot tub for a luxury feel.

Donna says the family now spend lots of time in and around the annexe;

“we use this part of the garden a lot now – me and my son were in the spa the other night and I spend a lot of time with Mum. This is time you wouldn’t be able to get back and I don’t have to worry about Mum as I see her so often.”

Ingrid enjoys having her daughter close by and an accessible garden saying;

“I wouldn’t be able to cope with a garden now or with any uneven surfaces as I fall quite easily. I really feel at home in my lodge.”

A Home for Generations

When asked what made them opt for an annexe, Donna explains that she thought it made economic sense; “we had already looked at high end static caravans but wanted something more permanent. When you look at the space Mum has in the lodge and compare it against property prices or the cost of care homes it just felt like we were getting more for our money and it made economic sense”

Not only that, Donna feels like an annexe is a good investment for her own future; “I’ll probably live in here one day and my son will be up in the house. Hopefully it will be in our family for generations.” she said, “it just felt like the right choice for us and I can see why annexes would make a lot of sense for other people too – with mortgages becoming harder to get. We’re really happy with the lodge and so is Mum.”

Giles family
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      Simply fill in the form and you will be emailed a link to download our 32 page annexe brochure.

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