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Shelagh Booker

All of our iHus annexe are customised to meet the want’s and needs of their owners. Take a look around Mrs Bookers annexe and listen to what her and her daughter have to say about their iHus annexe journey below.



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Hickleton Extra Bespoke


10m x 6.5m



Shelagh Booker's Story

Visiting our customers and discovering how happy they are living in their annexe makes us extremely happy; after all it is the reason we do what we do. Find out how the Booker family have become closer since Mrs Booker moved into her iHus Annexe in her daughter, Polly’s, back garden.

Video – Customer Interview

Mrs Booker

"I would certainly recommend iHus I have already to a few people that have visited and one or two people I have spoken to. I would rate them very highly. I am very content."

Case Study

When the Bookers initially thought about adding an annexe to the garden at their property for their Mother/Mother-in-law, Polly and Paul were initially looking at building one for her with brick and slate. However after doing some research and coming across iHus Paul came across iHus, showed Polly some iHus annexe photos and asked her ‘would you like one of these?’, to which Mrs Booker expressed ‘certainly, I think they’re wonderful!’.

The family explained that they looked at different options when choosing who would build Mrs Bookers new home; however the Signature Move package that iHus have to offer was especially appealing to them. The family had previously experienced difficulties with their local planning authority, so to hear that iHus take care of planning was a huge relief to them. The family said that combined with the fact that iHus can design more or less whatever annexe they wanted, and are experts in the field; they decided that iHus was the perfect company for them.

Since the build, Mrs Booker has had many of her friends visit her in her annexe, she said ‘they really like it and wish they had one too; it’s a matter of finding space to put one’. She enjoys life in her annexe, filling her day to day with gardening, knitting, many jigsaw puzzles and spending time with her great grandson.

Mrs Booker comments ‘You have to admit when your getting older that you cant do as much as you used to do’, which makes it all the more helpful having her daughter Polly and son in-law Paul very close to her whenever she needs them. She also told us ‘There’s always the worrying feeling of will I fall and lay there and nobody will know?’. And living in a house on her own far from her family was worrying for her, as her friends didn’t drop in every day. But she can now rest-assured that Poppy would know if anything happened to her quite quickly, which is very reassuring for her now she is living in her annexe.

Mrs Bookers daughter Polly says she feels the annexe has benefitted her property and made it a much nicer place to be; she knows her mums here which is nice she just wishes she could move the whole family in!

One of the main selling points for choosing iHus for Polly personally, was the fact that they could get through planning with no problems at all; and they were battered by the planning process at this point at that point having tried to do a self-build.

Polly explains how brilliant iHus were confident and fantastic from a planning point of view all the way through to getting a successful conclusion.


Building individuality


Polly also said ‘something to point out to anybody thinking about an iHus annexe is that they have very standard designs on the website and catalogue but they flipped the whole thing around to work for us. That was no issue at all they are very flexible at moving the design and interiors such as cupboards etc.’

‘We went to see an Open Hus annexe close by and we were very impressed with the build quality’ they said we ‘jumped around and nothing moved which is fantastic, as in a park home everything moves slightly this is very different it is absolutely rock solid it is a proper house’.

‘I would certainly recommend ihus I have already to a few people that have been and one or two people I have spoken to’.

Mrs Booker said ‘I would rate them very highly’, ‘I am  very content’.

Find out more about our unique Signature Move  package, or to find out more about our annexe builds; give us a call on 0808 164 1111 to speak to one of our friendly customer service experts.


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