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      3 Common Granny Annexe Problems (And How to Solve Them)

      Download Your Free Annexe Brochure

        Simply fill in the form and you will be emailed a link to download our 32 page annexe brochure.

        Request A Hard Copy?:

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        Stress less with the iHUS Commitment.

        Some things in life aren’t always guaranteed. Planning permission is one of thos. We are that confident in our appraoch that if you do not get planning permision for your project we will refund 100% of your planning fee.

        Granny Annexes are actually a lot bigger than you think, with the Loversall Extra Plus Huscore annexe extending to 12 metres ( 39’4”) long by 6.35 metres (20’10”) wide it is actually a little bit larger than a lot of two bedroom semi-detached bungalows.

        The Huscore range of Granny Annexes is designed specifically with Local Planning Authorities in mind and must be smaller (or subservient as the Planning Authorities like to call it) than the main house.

        They must also be considered ancilliary and will always be deemed to be part of the main house and never be able to be sold separately.

        When weighing up options for Granny Annexe living today, we find these 3 key factors coming up frequently in the conversations we have with our customers.


        Houses For Sale With A Granny Annexe Often Deliver Huge Disappointment

        For most people looking to build a Granny Annexe in their garden for a relative, they are looking for a solution to a problem such as elderly care, downsizing to help a member of the family, provide living accommodation for a young couple or single parent or just embracing multi-generation family living as a lifestyle not just a solution.

        When our customers start to search Google for “houses for sale with a granny annexe” or “house with granny flat for sale” they soon get very disappointed with the results.

        It is either out of reach for their budget, not available in a location that suits everyone or simply not what they would call a real Granny Annexe.


        They Consider Their Own Local Planning Authority To Be The Worst To Deal With

        Planning Permission for Granny Annexes should not be something you undertake yourself. Most likely your Local Planning Authority will write back to you and say “No” to whatever you are proposing.

        You also run the risk of getting a refusal on your property which can make reapplying for a Granny Annexe in the future much more difficult.

        When considering the Caravan Act as your primary option for obtaining a Certificate of Lawfulness please do not attempt this without using a Planning Consultant as it is a minefield of problems if you have never done anything like this before.

        We cannot guarantee you Planning Permission but we have successfully obtained permission for Granny Annexes in every area of the UK with most Local Planning Authorities.


        The Service Connections Are Anything But Straight Forward

        Our turn-key services include connecting to mains water, electric and sewerage for your Granny Annexe.

        Our prices include connections to all mains services within a 10 metre radius and we charge an extra few hundred pounds per linear metre if one or all of your services are slightly further away.

        Some service connections may required sewerage to be pumped or water pressure to be increased and we will always endeavour to ascertain these types of requirements as part of our free on site consultation service.

        With all of those key factors covered, the best way to see how we can help you turn those dreams into plans is to call 0808 1641111 and arrange a free on site consultation service today.



        1. Granny Annexes are typically around the same size as a small bungalow and the HUScore annexe range is designed specifically for small to medium size gardens.
        2. Searching for a house for sale with a Granny Annexe in the UK that fits all your requirements is a difficult task that few have chosen in our experience.
        3. We deal with all Local Planning Authorities throughout the UK, they all have their own interpretation of the National Planning Policy when it comes to Granny Annexes. Planning Permission is not a DIY task, choose an expert.
        4. Services connections can be problematic but there are almost always solutions to the problems you may have on your particular site.
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