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3 Ways to Streamline Property Sale and Annexe Construction

The process of selling one property and moving into another has taken considerably longer in recent years. In fact – from the time a home is marked as sale-agreed; it currently takes around 150 days to reach that all-important completion date. Factor in planning permission, annexe construction and the final move-in process; and downsizing to a garden home becomes a monumentally time-consuming task.

While market conditions, property-chain length and local demand have always impacted the process; the main reason it’s taking longer for homeowners to sell their properties in recent years is due to a backlog in the conveyancing process. This involves everything that happens between an offer being accepted and the keys finally being handed over; such as drafting contracts, obtaining land registry information and arranging local authority searches.

There are currently more than half a million homes sold subject to contract, with buyers eagerly awaiting a completion date. In order to counteract this backlog – and give yourself the best chance of downsizing to an annexe in 2022/23, it’s important to start putting plans into action now. From designing your build to choosing the right construction company for the job; here are some steps you can take for a more streamlined process.

1) Plan, Design and Budget your Annexe

Planning your desired annexe – and gaining quotes for its construction, are essential if you’re wanting the downsizing process to go smoothly. Size, location and materials will all have an impact on the cost of your build; so it’s best to have these details ironed out well in advance. Regardless of whether you’re acting on this now – or waiting to receive funds later down-the-line; planning out in this way will allow construction to begin at a quicker pace.

Planning your annexe construction

Many retirees finance their annexe through a property sale; however there’s nothing to stop you getting a headstart if you’re wanting a more streamlined process. With the current conveyancing backlog as it is, some may find it preferable to self-fund the initial stages of their construction. In these cases however, it’s important to remember that – while annexes dramatically improve a property’s value; they’re also a considerable investment. As such, it’s vital you ensure there’s enough room in your retirement budget for you to do so.

2) Get Annexe Planning Permission in Advance

Once you’ve figured out the design and specifications of your annexe, it’s time to explore the complex process of gaining planning permission for it. To determine whether you’re able to go ahead with the proposed build, your Local Planning Authority (LPA) will examine several factors in line with policies they’ve produced. From parking restrictions to property boundaries and environmental impact, almost every aspect of your annexe will face scrutiny.

With so many legal considerations to contend with, it’s no surprise that gaining planning permission is a time-consuming process. In fact – when it comes to annexe construction, you can expect it to take around 10-12 weeks from the time your LPA validates the application. When cases are rejected – and alternate routes need to be explored, this can take even longer. In order to give yourself the best chance of moving any time soon; it’s best to tackle this issue early, as opposed to delaying it while the conveyancing process runs its course.

3) Choosing the right Annexe Construction Company

One of the most important factors for getting a quick turnaround on your annexe is your choice of construction company. Here at iHus, we always strive to construct your dream granny annexe as soon as possible once completion and exchange have been confirmed. With proof of your funds, we’ll set a build date within 2-3 weeks for on-site groundwork to begin.


Following this, we’ll begin constructing and erecting your annexe in our purpose-built premises. Not only does this help us reduce traffic and disruption on-site; it also allows our fully-customisable range of annexes to be built and ready to move into within 6-12 weeks.
While this time frame depends on various factors – such as the size of the annexe and weather at the time of delivery; you can always rely on iHus to handle your project efficiently.

Leave it to iHus

With over 10-years experience – and more than 400 bespoke garden homes under-our-belt; we like to think we know a thing or two about getting it right. Here at iHus, we pride ourselves on crafting a space that truly suits our clients’ present – and future, needs; that’s why we offer a 10 year guarantee on every build we do.

If you’re thinking about constructing an annexe in the near-future; why not talk to one of our friendly team members today? We’d love to offer our expert advice – and help you choose the perfect granny flat design for you.

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