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      Alternative Uses for Granny Annexes – Two Great Ideas

      Download Your Free Annexe Brochure

        Simply fill in the form and you will be emailed a link to download our 32 page annexe brochure.

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        Believe it or not, granny annexes aren’t just for grannies! There are alternative uses for granny annexes that are beneficial for both financial and practical purposes. Below, we discuss two alternative uses for granny annexes that we have seen become popular in recent years.

        If you look at our projects, you will find that we do indeed build the majority of our annexes for older people but we are increasingly helping customers who don’t have grannies in mind when it comes to building their annexes.

        Granny Annexes for First Time Buyers

        Getting on the first step of the homeowner ladder is harder today than it has ever been. Many young people don’t expect to be able to buy their first home in their 20’s and maybe not even their 30’s.

        The Government has put in place a couple of different aid options for first-time buyers but still, many are finding it impossible to become a homeowner. Rent prices are so high that many people struggle to save enough money for a deposit.

        Young people who are lucky enough to have parents that can help them out are turning to a granny annexes as a sort of stop-gap in between flying the nest and owning their own home.

        A granny annexe in a parent’s garden makes lots of practical sense for a young couple, especially. With no rent or mortgage to pay, potential first-time buyers can save up for a deposit much faster.

        It isn’t even beyond the bounds of possibility for a small family to live in a granny annexe whilst they wait for their dream home to become a reality. An annexe such as the Wheatley, from our core annexe range has two good sized bedrooms and could easily accommodate a couple and a young child.

        Another alternative idea is to build a granny annexe for yourself and let your child live in the main home. It makes sense…as you get older, a granny annexe is ideal – no stairs and close by your family. And at the same time, it would solve your child’s first-time buyer issues.

        If you have a garden with enough space, then what better way is there to help your kids than providing them with their very own home.

        image shows a couple with a baby

        Granny Annexes for People with Disabilities

        Granny annexes are a practical solution for people who have a disability but still have or want independence to a certain degree.

        For example, an adult child may rely on their parents for certain aspects of care but be fully independent in other areas. A person in this situation may want to move into their own home but this wouldn’t be practical for a few reasons; they may not find a property close enough to their parents or it just might not be safe for them to live independently full time.

        A granny annexe in your garden could provide the ideal solution for a semi-independent disabled person. They would have their own separate property, giving them a real feeling of freedom but be close enough to home for help with any tasks they are unable to do themselves.

        people find themselves in all sorts of circumstances which means they may need to live very close to their parents for support. One member of the iHUS Community chose to build an annexe in her garden as an alternative home for her daughter and grandson. Her daughter needed help caring for her son, who has Autism, but she also wanted the privacy of her own home. A granny annexe was the perfect solution for this family.

        image shows a couple receiving keys to a granny annexe which is a great alternative use for a granny annexe

        Get in Touch

        As you can see from our alternative uses for granny annexes, you needn’t be a granny to enjoy the benefits of annexe life.

        If you are interested in an alternative use for one of our granny annexes, then please contact us. A member of our team will be happy to run through your idea with you and explain the process of working with us.

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