What are my options? Homecare for The Elderly

It can be difficult to accept needing more support and assistance as we get older; but – unfortunately, declining health and mobility is often an inevitability with age. Homecare for the elderly is a popular choice in the later stages of life; but – with so many variations on offer, it can be a bit […]

An Annexe case study with the Melville Family

  Why did you opt for Annexe living? My Wife made the decision. When Covid happened and we were in lockdown so many people our age were going into care homes getting ill and even dying in there. they weren’t allowed to have any visitors. Me and my wife hazel had a conversation as shed […]

Our Garden Home Design Tips

In Kitchen with grandchild

Getting a custom-built annexe constructed on your property is, in essence, self-building with professional delivery. With all the freedom this brings; there’s a whole host of ways you can add your own personal flavour into your garden home design. From handpicking interior furnishings to selecting the right construction materials – the options available to you […]

5 Different Uses for your Garden Home

A garden. home by iHus

With a whole host of different terms used to describe the same building; it’s easy to wonder exactly what the difference is between a modern garden home, and a traditional granny-annexe. The truth is, there isn’t really one. Both are permanent units, detached from the main home building and fully-equipped with a living space, kitchen […]

Care Home Alternatives – What are my options

Family having dinner at table

Accepting the need for additional support can be a daunting prospect for many older people to come to terms with – but it’s best to start making plans if you’re considering care home alternatives. For most, the idea of moving into an elderly home, and losing a lot of independence in the process, is a […]

Planning for Retirement

Planning for retirement

When you start planning for retirement it can seem like there’s an overwhelming amount of things for you to consider. From the need to review your finances, to figuring out how you’re going to stay active and social – it is important to ensure you are happy and content with your lifestyle. At iHus, we […]

Kennedy Family: Our Story

  Our customer Jane needed a home that allowed her to live in her own living space and remain independent with her daughter close by. Jane lived over 2 hours drive away from her daughter which meant visits were not very frequent. After a few falls and the need for a knee operation; Jane and […]

Does An Annexe Add Value? The Rising Popularity of the Garden Building

Mother and daughter

Annexes are currently seeing a boom across the UK which leads to the question – does an annexe add value to the price of your property? In short, the answer is yes, but it is certainly not simply in monetary terms. An Annexe can add value to a family home in many ways. Let us […]

How an annexe can aid independent living

Older lader living independently

Independent living means so much to so many people, no matter what age you are – where it is possible, we strive for independence at a younger age. As we start to get older, however, we often start relying on people or aids to help give us the quality of life we desire. Common Independent […]

How to start your annexe journey with iHus

Couple looking at ihus annexes

Choosing iHus for your annexe means choosing quality, experience and assurance. We’ve built over 200 bespoke annexes for our customers across the UK, with every aspect of service and build tailored to you. We realise that this is the first time you will have bought an annexe, and whether it is for yourself or for […]