Understanding Estate Planning Law

Estate planning advice

While death is never a pleasant conversation; estate planning gives peace of mind over what will happen when you’re gone. Take a look at our guide

3 Cost of Living Benefits for Young People in Annexes

Young people in annexes have a vast range of style choices

The sense of shame and laziness often associated with adults living at home has diminished in recent generations; as they face record-breaking property prices; sizable student-loan debts and flatlining wages. Indeed, under-30s are bearing the brunt of the cost of living crisis; and struggling to secure their own properties as a result. With all these […]

Accessory Dwelling Unit vs Annexe: Is there a difference?

hatfield granny annexe

When it comes to constructing an additional dwelling on your property; there are a lot of terms that refer to them floating around. From the traditional granny annexe to carriage houses and in-law suites; it easily becomes confusing as to how you should be referring to your build. An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is one […]

The 4 Key Aspects of Granny Flat Design

For many people – designing their own home is a dream opportunity; it’s a chance to create a space that fully reflects your own style and preferences, after all. With so many things to think of – it can be easy for self-builders to become overwhelmed; or overlook key elements. Having an annexe constructed is […]

What are my options? Homecare for The Elderly

It can be difficult to accept needing more support and assistance as we get older; but – unfortunately, declining health and mobility is often an inevitability with age. Homecare for the elderly is a popular choice in the later stages of life; but – with so many variations on offer, it can be a bit […]

An Annexe case study with the Melville Family

  Why did you opt for Annexe living? My Wife made the decision. When Covid happened and we were in lockdown so many people our age were going into care homes getting ill and even dying in there. they weren’t allowed to have any visitors. Me and my wife hazel had a conversation as shed […]

Our Garden Home Design Tips

In Kitchen with grandchild

Getting a custom-built annexe constructed on your property is, in essence, self-building with professional delivery. With all the freedom this brings; there’s a whole host of ways you can add your own personal flavour into your garden home design. From handpicking interior furnishings to selecting the right construction materials – the options available to you […]