Self Contained Garden Pod or Granny Annex. What is the difference?

You may have heard Granny Annexes called a number of things including a Self Contained Garden Pod or even a Garden Room, but what is the difference? It’s important to understand these when you’re considering the right solution for your own needs. While anomalies will always exist depending on your own personal circumstances, there are […]

When Is An Annex A Separate Dwelling?

Cantley Granny Annexe

When considering an annex, there are a minefield of questions one has to cross due to the complexities – one of these being, when is an annex a separate dwelling? The reason for asking this question is down to a whole host of outcomes, from planning to council tax, who will be accommodated to billing […]

Granny Annex Prices: What Will My Budget Cover?

Granny Annexe Prices

Granny Annex prices vary across the board. It all comes down to what you are looking for and your own personal needs. Do you have the perfect space where you can build the annex of your dreams without any restrictions? Or is footprint an issue and you need to consider the limitations of your garden? […]

The Cost of a Granny Annexe

Family at table

What is the cost of a granny annexe? It’s a question we get asked a lot at iHUS with enquiries coming in each day – a simple question, you might think. In fact, it’s not quite so simple to answer, as each iHUS build has its own intricacies and features that make it a home […]

Granny Annexe for Sale: Understanding the True Value to Your Home

Granny Annexe for Sale

While building a Granny Annexe at your property is the perfect solution now and for future planning, what happens next if you choose to move – will a granny annexe for sale alongside your home add value to your property? We’d certainly suggest so, but as well as considering the monetary value to your home, […]

It’s a family affair: how to create a home for every generation

telegraph Granny annexe

Unaffordable housing and soaring care home fees have made multi-generational living appealing to many – and the pandemic and the lockdowns since last March have only heightened that, writes Helen Crane   While lockdowns have torn us apart from loved ones, they have also helped to bring together some families. More than a third of […]

Staying Connected with Family Over Christmas

Christmas gift next to tree

Christmas can seem unattainable when you compare the fantasy version we’re sold with the reality. Significant numbers of people find Christmas isolating and lonely, for different reasons, and struggle to stay connected with family and friends. As specialists in providing luxury granny annexes, we know that quality of life depends on more than the four […]

The Granny Annexe Process Part 3

This is the last in our third part series on the granny annexe process, you can find part one here and part two here. This week we are looking at what happens when elderly relatives have moved into their new home in The Granny Annexe Process Part 3.

The Granny Annexe Process Part 2

Last week here at iHUS we wrote about What To Do When Your Parents Need Extra Care and at the end of the post we talked briefly about Granny Annexes being an ideal solution. So, this week will look at what to do next if you think that a Granny Annexe is just what you […]

Sharing The Cost Of Living In A Granny Annexe

Many people realise that living in multigenerational households can be a cost effective way of providing care and support to each other. But how do you make sure you are sharing the cost of living in a granny annexe, and what are the additional costs? Multigenerational Living On The Rise These days more and more […]