How To Talk About Care Options With Your Parents

There reaches a time in most of our lives when it is time to talk to about care options with your parent or parents. It might be that you have noticed one parent becoming less independent, or maybe they are having more little incidents around the home. Whatever your motivation for thinking it is time […]

Elderly Care in a Granny Annexe

Elderly care is considered to be in a bit of a crisis in the UK; many elderly people either don’t want to go into residential homes, they or their families can’t afford the costs, or, they cannot find a suitable placement. Having some sense of independence and dignity is important for an elderly person, that’s […]

Granny Annexes for Couples – Valentine’s Day

As tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and love is in the air, we thought we would explore some of our granny annexes for couples.  Young or old, romance never dies, and we guarantee that any couple could live quite happily in most of our granny annexes. Are Granny Annexes Big Enough for Couples? You might be […]

Granny Annexe Layout – The Best Floorplans From iHUS

Your granny annexe layout needs to maximise living space and make life easier – considering the smaller overall footprint of the building. A tall order but we here at iHUS we have designed our annexes to meet and exceed these expectations.

Independent Living in a Granny Annexe – 5 Tips

Living in a granny annexe may seem daunting to some people. Especially elderly people who don’t want to sacrifice privacy and independence. It can be difficult to accept that you need help and are basically living in your child’s back garden – but it doesn’t have to feel that way. Living in a granny annexe […]

Granny Annexe Features That Suit Your Needs

Choosing the right granny annexe features is an important part of your project. Features can be split into two categories – practical and personal. Practical granny annexe features will make your life easier and should be chosen with your needs in mind, age for example. Personal features include things that aren’t essential but that you […]

Caring For Elderly Parents: Now And In The Future

We see hundreds of people every year looking to help their elderly parents downsize to an annexe in their garden. The number one reason we see driving the decision to switch to annexe living with family members nearby is loneliness. Secondary to that is of course anticipating that elderly care may be required at some time in […]

3 Common Granny Annexe Problems (And How to Solve Them)

Williamson bespoke granny annexe

Granny Annexes are actually a lot bigger than you think, with the Loversall Extra Plus Huscore annexe extending to 12 metres ( 39’4”) long by 6.35 metres (20’10”) wide it is actually a little bit larger than a lot of two bedroom semi-detached bungalows. The Huscore range of Granny Annexes is designed specifically with Local […]

Granny Annexe Planning: Obtaining Permission to Build

granny annexe planning permission

Granny Annexe Planning Permission Made Simple… Obtaining granny annexe planning permission to build your new granny annexe will certainly put you through a whole range of emotions as you decide whether building an annexe in the back garden is the right thing for you and your family. We know that every situation is unique and we’ll endeavour […]

How Much Does A Granny Annexe Cost?

Moving into a granny annexe is a big decision. But I think most people who live in a granny annexe would tell you that it is the best decision they ever made! That being said, there are many factors to think about and consider before moving into a granny annexe. And one of them is […]