Energy Efficient Home Design… Retrofitting vs a New-Build iHus Annexe

Energy efficient home design is becoming increasingly important in this age of financial uncertainty and rising bill payments. In fact – according to a recent UK-wide study, 61% of potential buyers are now prioritising energy-efficiency when hunting down a new home. New-build annexes are financially beneficial for a wide range of reasons; they lower the […]

We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified!

Viewing plans

After completing a series of intricate audits we are extremely proud to announce that we have been awarded with ISO 9001:2015 certification. This makes us the only Annexe builder in the UK to receive this precious award

Does An Annexe Add Value? The Rising Popularity of the Garden Building

Mother and daughter

Annexes are currently seeing a boom across the UK which leads to the question – does an annexe add value to the price of your property? In short, the answer is yes, but it is certainly not simply in monetary terms. An Annexe can add value to a family home in many ways. Let us […]

iHus Annexes: Bringing Families Together at Christmas

If there’s one thing we know more than anything else right now at iHus it’s that Christmas means family. No matter what is happening in the world around us, coming together at Christmas to celebrate is one thing that will always remain the main focus of the festive season! Being a family-led team, we understand […]

What is an annexe

An annexe is a building that is either joined on to or adjacent to another – main, and usually larger – building. Think of it as an addition to a property – it’s within the boundaries and can serve as a fantastic space for many uses, some of which we’re going to demonstrate to you […]

When Is An Annex A Separate Dwelling?

Cantley Granny Annexe

When considering an annex, there are a minefield of questions one has to cross due to the complexities – one of these being, when is an annex a separate dwelling? The reason for asking this question is down to a whole host of outcomes, from planning to council tax, who will be accommodated to billing […]

Staying Connected with Family Over Christmas

Christmas gift next to tree

Christmas can seem unattainable when you compare the fantasy version we’re sold with the reality. Significant numbers of people find Christmas isolating and lonely, for different reasons, and struggle to stay connected with family and friends. As specialists in providing luxury granny annexes, we know that quality of life depends on more than the four […]

Can I Build A Granny Annexe In My Garden?

can i build a granny annexe in my garden

If like many other people, you have been looking at granny annexes and thinking that you have a big enough garden for one, you may be wondering, can I build a granny annexe in my garden?

Choosing The Layout Of Your Granny Annexe

Planning your granny annexe is an exciting time. And one of the first and most important decisions you will make is the layout of your self-contained annexe. Once you’ve chosen the layout, it will be time to get started on the build, and before you know it, you’ll be moving into your dream annexe.