Granny Annexe Caravan Act – Everything You Need to Know

Granny Annexe Caravan Act What have granny annexes and the Caravan Act got to do with each other? If you’re in the early stages of buying a granny annexe it’s likely that you will have heard references to ‘the caravan act’ and you might be wondering how the Caravan Act comes into play. In this […]

Granny Annexe Council Tax: Financial And Legal Information

Granny Annexe Council Tax

One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to considering the overall cost of building a granny annexe in your back garden is concerning the cost of potential Granny Annexe Council Tax. Here is the answer. Our best advice is to double check with your particular Local Planning Authority once the granny annexe […]

A Useful Guide to Surveying your Garden for a Granny Annexe

Over the last few years your Local Planning Authority will have seen an increase in the number of Planning Applications for Granny Annexes in back gardens. In fact some Local Planning Authorities have issued guidelines as to what they consider an annexe to be. (As with all Local Planning Authorities, this can vary from LPA to […]

Granny Annexe Planning: Obtaining Permission to Build

granny annexe planning permission

Granny Annexe Planning Permission Made Simple… Obtaining granny annexe planning permission to build your new granny annexe will certainly put you through a whole range of emotions as you decide whether building an annexe in the back garden is the right thing for you and your family. We know that every situation is unique and we’ll endeavour […]

How Much Does A Granny Annexe Cost?

Moving into a granny annexe is a big decision. But I think most people who live in a granny annexe would tell you that it is the best decision they ever made! That being said, there are many factors to think about and consider before moving into a granny annexe. And one of them is […]

Granny Annexe FAQs: Everything You Need To Know

With this being one of the most significant purchases you’re ever likely to make, we’ve compiled the following list of quick-fire FAQ’s to help you make the right decision for you and your family. Where To Start When You Are Thinking About A Granny Annexe? Here are some Granny Annexe FAQ’s Most of our Granny […]