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      Cosy Granny Annexe Tips for Autumn

      Download Your Free Annexe Brochure

        Simply fill in the form and you will be emailed a link to download our 32 page annexe brochure.

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        Last week saw the start of Autumn and there has been a definite change in weather; summer is long gone and its time to get cosy. Most of us tend to spend more time indoors during the colder months and as we mourn the passing of summer, we can tend to feel a little sad. Here are some tips to make your granny annexe cosy for autumn and lift your spirits.

        When Does Autumn Start?

        Did you know there are two dates for the start of autumn? Confusing, right. Generally, in the UK, we say autumn starts using the astronomical start of autumn. This is defined by the Earth’s axis and orbit around the Sun. This date varies each year, usually by a couple of days – this year the date was 23rd September.

        Meteorological autumn is the system used if you split the Gregorian calendar into four equal parts each to represent a different season (spring, summer, autumn, and winter). This method makes it easier for meteorological observing and forecasting but often doesn’t feel right when we observe the weather outside! Using this method, autumn starts 1st September each year – it’s often still rather ‘summery’ on this date though!

        How Can You Observe Autumn?

        Lots of people don’t do anything to observe the start of autumn but some people celebrate the changing of the seasons. This can be done in many ways. One of the most common markers in the UK is the ‘harvest festival’. Harvest festival, also known as the harvest home, is traditionally celebrated in the UK, on the Sunday closest to the harvest moon (the full Moon occurring closest to the autumn equinox – 22nd September this year). This traditional festival has roots in many traditions and ancient rituals, but the basic idea is that we give thanks for produce grown, celebrate the fruits of the earth and prepare for winter.

        Ancient traditions aside, you can mark the start of autumn in many ways – even if it’s just looking outside and noting the passing of the season. However, people traditionally start to make their homes feel cosier at this time of year in preparation to spend more time indoors.

        Here are some ideas to observe the season and make your granny annexe feel all cost and autumnal.

        image shows some autumnal decorations which can be used to give your granny annexe a cosy feel

        Cosy Granny Annexe Ideas

        Natural crafts

        Bring a little bit of autumn into your annexe and create a little ‘autumn display’. The season produces many beautiful coloured natural materials which can be used to create a little autumn display. Collect branches or dried flower heads and arrange them in a vase. These can then be dressed up with other ‘finds’, such as acorns, rich coloured autumn leaves and even ear of corn. You could also create an autumn wreath – simply buy an oasis wreath and use finds from around you garden to decorate.


        One of the easiest ways to give your annexe a lovely cosy warm feel is by lighting a few candles. Scented candles can add to the atmosphere and there is a wide range of scents we associate with autumn – from the popular pumpkin spice scents to more unexpected scents such as smoky fire and wood scents. Here is some shopping inspiration.

        Tasty food

        Been eating salads and cold meats all summer? What better way to feel cosy than preparing a seasonal comforting type of food? Let your annexe fill with the rich smell of a stew or a good seasonal soup. Just beware – it may smell so good you get visitors! We like this recipe – beef is always a winner when it comes to a good hearty stew.

        image shows a beef stew


        Halloween is seen as a holiday for the kids, but adults can have enormous fun too! If you have grandchildren, why not have them over for a couple of hours and create some Halloween decorations? It’s a great way to spend time with the kids plus your annexe will benefit from a cosy and spooky makeover.

        More Comfort

        Even though our annexes are incredibly sound for the colder months, featuring weatherproof cladding and central heating, you may still want to feel cosier as the weather gets cooler. Many folks tend to use blankets and throws more often in the autumn and winter – as well as being useful to wrap up in when watching television, a cosy blanket can also add a touch of style to your annexe. we absolutely love this armchair throw from The British Blanket Co.



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