Creating a Cosy Annexe for the Festive Season

Christmas is well and truly here! I think it’s safe to say we’re all now used to, the increasingly cold weather & the fact that almost every radio station is packed with the sound of your favourite (or not so favourite…) Christmas classics.

The main event is upon us but it’s not too late to add some new additions to your annexe to make sure its feeling as cosy

Let us guide you through our top tips on how to get the most out of the festive season in your annexe by injecting that well needed warm and cosy feel.

Spread Festive Scents Throughout your Annexe With Scented Candles

Adding to your annexe visually isn’t the only way to create a cosy festive feel. One of our favourite yet simple tip is adding scented candles. Warm and wintery scents will infuse your annexe with notes of cinnamon, mistletoe and fir tree for that sweet/woody blend that remind us of the most wonderful time of the year. Choose your favourite festive scents and light your candles before your guests arrive so that when they walk in, they immediately feel festive and homely. Make sure your candles are displayed safely in a lantern on a sturdy surface such as your dining table or kitchen side.

Cosy Rugs

Although some people like to add lots of decorations to their homes at this time of year, it may be the case that you don’t have quite as much space as you used to – and that’s ok. Whilst Christmas decorations are nice, sometimes adding the simplest of additions to your annexe can really help you feel super festive!

The feeling of bare feet on a cold floor can make anybody dislike the winter months. Adding a rug to your annexe can help to create a wonderful cosy space, and can be particularly useful if you have laminate or tiled floors that naturally feel a little cold at this time of year. Spruce up your annexe for the festive period by choosing a vibrant Christmassy colour or design that will stand out as a centre piece in your living room. Christmas colours (not designs) can be used all year round, or opt for softer colours to compliment your annexe at any time of the year such as lilac, beige, baby blue or rose.

Add Throws and Cushions

Adding throws and cushions to the living space within your annexe is a fantastic way to encourage both you and your guests to get comfy on your sofa. Hibernate under feel-good textures in any relaxing space within your annexe by adding these simple additions. Choose colours that make you feel festive and warm to add a boost of visual cosiness to your home.

Light up Your Annexe with Fairy lights

One of the most popular ‘go to’ Christmas decorations are Christmas lights. As well as wonderfully lighting up the outside of our homes they’re arguably just as much of a beautiful addition to your interior!

You can add fairy lights to your Christmas tree, around your open plan kitchen area, or to line your windows; wherever you choose to put them, they’re bound to make your annexe look magical and brighten up the dark nights.

You could also add fairy lights to shrubs that you can see in the back garden; that way you can add a Christmassy twinkle to the view from your annexe whilst your cosy and warm inside.

Display your Christmas Cards

Displaying Christmas cards around your annexe will automatically add a visually festive touch for you and your guests, so make sure they’re in sight for all to see!

Rather than placing your cards on your windowsills, why not choose from a variety of card holders to add a creative touch to your display? Alternatively, you could create your own display using twine or fishing wire and clips to hang your cards from a shelf or on the wall; in whatever space you’d prefer within your annexe.

For any more last minute Christmas tips to spruce your annexe up for the main event, discover our top tips here.

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    Simply fill in the form and you will be emailed a link to download our 32 page annexe brochure. Please check your Junk mail if your brochure doesn’t appear in your inbox

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    Download Your Free Annexe Brochure

      Simply fill in the form and you will be emailed a link to download our 32 page annexe brochure. Please check your Junk mail if your brochure doesn’t appear in your inbox

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