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      Download Your Free Annexe Brochure

        Simply fill in the form and you will be emailed a link to download our 32 page annexe brochure.

        Request A Hard Copy?:

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        Stress less with the iHUS Commitment.

        Some things in life aren’t always guaranteed. Planning permission is one of thos. We are that confident in our appraoch that if you do not get planning permision for your project we will refund 100% of your planning fee.

        Garden homes and granny annexes can have a reputation for being uncomfortable if the weather is extreme; in either very cold temperatures or in heat. Whilst this may be the case with builds of poor quality, our granny annexes are comfortable no matter what the weather.

        Not only are our quality garden homes comfortable in weather extremes; they’re also resistant to the elements. Read on for more information about our comfortable and long-lasting granny annexes.

        Garden Homes for Summer Living

        A small home in the garden can be absolute bliss in the summertime – our granny annexes are single story homes that comfortably fit in the average family garden giving the feeling of ‘living outdoors’. Of course, you are living in a self-contained building but being so close to the garden on a single level really brings the inside indoors.

        Add a decking or patio area to your annexe to enjoy sitting outdoors and really make the most of living right in the middle of the garden. To see just how you can make the most of living in the garden, take a look at one of our previous projects; Ingrid and daughter Donna Giles opted for a custom designed two-bedroom annexe with large outdoor decked area, featuring a hot tub.

        How Do Annexes Stand Up to Hot Weather?

        By nature, annexes and garden houses tend to be small buildings – that may cause some to worry about hot weather and if the home will overheat or feel uncomfortable in summer.

        We are happy to report that our annexes are very comfortable during the summer. Temperatures are rising in the UK, with last years summer being a record breaker – this means that all homes will become hotter but living in an annexe is no different to a standard house.

        image shows a patio area bathed in filtered light

        Our core annexe range already comes with some design features to help you beat the summer heat such as French doors that can be kept open on very warm days.

        There are also several things you can do at home to keep your granny annexe cool in the summer. Overall though, we have no reports that anybody finds comfort levels in a granny annexe any different to those experienced in a standard house during the summer months.

        Winter-Proof Granny Annexes

        For some people, concerns about winter weather can be a bigger concern than summer; will it be possible to adequately heat a garden room? And how do the build materials stand up to winter weather?

        Never fear, we can answer both of those questions!

        When you choose an annexe from iHUS, we connect your finished annexe to the utility mains; electricity, gas and water. This means that you have all the heating methods at your disposal as you would living in a standard home.

        Our annexes feature radiators to keep them cosy during the winter months plus electricity outlets to plug in additional heaters – although it’s unlikely that these would be needed.

        When it comes to the weather resistance of garden rooms, you may have heard horror stories of annexes that only look good for a couple of years and then start to weather badly, or even worse; become water damaged by winter rain or snow.

        There are no such worries with an iHUS annexe; unlike timber-built log style homes, our annexes are built to last. We a Marley Cedral Weatherboard on our annexes – an extremely tough, weather resistant cladding material.

        Cedral Weatherboard is both weather and rot resistant, meaning that you beautiful new granny annexe will stand the test of time.

        image shows a snow clad tree to illustrate a paragraph talking about the winter weather resistance of garden homes

        Get in Touch With iHUS

        As you can see, garden rooms are so much more than a simple cabin built in the home – they’re constructed to be year-round residences that are comfortable and safe, no matter what the British weather decides to do.

        If you are thinking about making the move and downsizing to a granny annexe, get in touch for more information and to set up a free consultation.



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