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Granny Annexe: Core, Custom And Contemporary Models

core custom and contemporary ranges of iHus annexes

Granny Annex Ranges: Core, Custom & Contemporary

Despite the name, a granny annex isn’t just for elderly care. They’re becoming increasingly popular for a much wider range of affordable housing solutions. But with so many different types, styles and designs to choose from, it can be very difficult to select what’s best for you.

We have been building annexes for years and have a custom-home and timber frame manufacturing background.

We also have an adaptations side to the business and carry out commercial projects, such as Changing Places. These unique skills combine beautifully when it comes to building annexes of all types in your back garden.

To help make the decision process even easier for you we have divided our annexe ranges into three different categories to help you decide whether your particular situation suits a Core, Custom or Contemporary granny annex.

Our HUScore Granny Annex Range And Why They Are Vital For Planning Success


Granny Annex Ranges Core

We developed our HUSCore granny annex range specifically for back garden annexes in a suburban situation due to several important factors that you need to take into consideration if you are to successfully build an annex in your back garden:-

  1.  An annex must be considered subsidiary to the main house. Your Local Planning Authority is highly unlikely to approve an annex that is larger than your main home or a size that could not be considered to be ancillary.
  1. HUScore granny annex designs are based on our most frequently requested floor plan designs over the last few years and are designed to make the most of the living space available.
  1. They are extremely budget friendly and quick to build (our build time is usually 7 weeks or less). This causes minimal disruption to you and as most of the build is an outside project you’ll find the process very fast moving and quickly see how your granny annex comes to life as we build it in front of your eyes.

HUScore annexes come in 8 different designs and 3 different sizes, each with a flat roof or pitched roof option.

This gives you a choice of 24 different annexe designs, each with a choice of various finishes to choose from inside and out to add your own personalisation and any adaptations that you require.

We’ve never built two annexes the same yet!

HUScore annexes are the perfect choice is you live in a built up area and some Local Planning Authorities will insist on a flat roof design if you have overlooking neighbours to think about.

Our recent Facebook page post revealed that for a lot of people flat roofs are seen as being less aesthetically pleasing or in some way inferior in quality and durability to tiled, pitched roofs, however we use EDPM for our flat roofs and if you’ve never heard of it or are unsure of what it is, how durable and strong it is, check out this article and be prepared to be reassured that flat roofs today are a far cry from leaky old felt style flat roofs or roofs that are usually put on sheds.

Custom Granny Annexes: The Most Adaptable Annexe Option

Granny Annex Ranges Custom

England is beautiful and green because we have a wealth of historical buildings, stunning countryside and a whole host of protection measures in place to keep it that way.

Whether you live in a Listed Building, conservation area or area of outstanding natural beauty, it’s likely we have come across a situation very much like yours and successfully built annexes with the guidance of various Local Planning Authorities who will specify certain materials be used (such as timber windows) to ensure the annexe blends in beautifully with its protected surroundings.

One of the most popular custom annexes we have built is the Aldridge annexe in Cirencester which is in a conservation area.

Custom granny annexes are a lot like self-building on a small scale but that doesn’t mean that you can dream up a design and just build it. You still have to work very closely with your Local Planning Authority and be prepared to compromise.

You will always either have to obtain planning permission or obtain a Certificate of Lawfulness to be able to build an annexe in a garden setting, whether it is custom or not. (Read more about granny annexe & planning permission by clicking here.) 

A high percentage of our customers start with one of HUScore annexes as a basic design and then choose to customise the floor plan to suit their specific requirements.

This then becomes a custom annexe build and will be at a higher price point than the equivalent HUScore annexe.

Custom features allow you to add a particular kitchen style, colour or finish at an upgraded cost.

Custom annexes also allow you to select upgraded finishes to your bathroom, kitchen, flooring, lighting and even alter the floor plan to suit your needs.

Contemporary Annexes

Granny Annex Ranges Contemporary

IHUS contemporary annexes were launched at this year’s Grand Designs Live show at London’s Ex-cel and attracted a lot of attention due to the eco-friendly additions, dynamic modern floor plan and high end finishing touches.

WIth Tesla battery solar power storage technology it has the potential to be completely “off grid.” By storing up sufficient power in the Summer it can potentially sustain itself throughout the Winter and be the only annexe option that has the potential to literally pay for itself.

The modern floor plan is extremely eye-catching and offers everything you would expect to find in a modern apartment.

It’s available in both one bedroom and two bedroom floor plans and uniquely comes in a choice of colours thanks to it’s vertical smooth cladding options and aluminium windows.

With a contemporary style open plan kitchen / living space, utility, luxury Trex decking and a sun terrace this is the perfect annexe if you are looking for something architecturally different or what we would call state of the art in annexe design.

It’s also perfect for guest lodge accommodation or holiday let use due to it’s attractive design and kerb appeal.


  • HUScore annexes are specifically designed for back garden annexes. They are budget friendly and packed with options to personalise your annexe to suit your needs and style.
  • Custom annexes offer the widest choice of internal specifications and are usually the best option for conservation areas, areas of outstanding natural beauty or listed buildings.
  • Contemporary annexes are for larger gardens and offer the most eco-friendly or architecturally different style of annexes.
  • Whichever you choose, make full use of our free on site consultation service and professional planning services for your best chance of obtaining the best advice for you and your particular circumstances. It’s a win / win for you.