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Granny Annexe UK: Proud British Manufacturers

Whether you purchase a product online or in person, your choice will be driven by a host of influencing factors — conscious or not.

In the world of construction, these influences might include sustainability, build method, and, of course, cost. In more recent years, provenance has become a hot topic for many consumers. A lot of people want to support British design and quality. We feel the same.


Granny Annexes Made in Britain

At iHUS, we’re proud to be a British manufacturer, building all of our granny annex structures from our own production facility in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

Materials are UK-sourced and our tradesmen and designers are local. This supports productivity, but also reduces transportation and energy costs — boosting our green credentials.

Our annexes provide an independent living solution for many people throughout the UK. The quality of our buildings remains consistent across each of our annexe ranges (see Core, Contemporary or Custom models), whilst the needs of our customers varies from project to project.


Granny Annex UK

The Generation Game

The combination of increased property prices with the cost of care for both old and young have revived the practice of several generations living under the same roof.

As traditional large British households make a comeback, we’re seeing more frequently that granny annexes provide a great solution for the ‘sandwich generation’.

In short, granny flats are no longer just for Granny! Whether it’s to support their single income household, downsizing for their parents’ financial security or supporting their first-time buyer children, middle-aged people across the country are turning to us for a cost-effective solution.


Granny Annex UK: A Stress-Free Solution

Building a garden annexe is much easier than you may think. Yes, you’ll need planning – but we’ll take care of that. And once you have planning permission to build your granny annex, it only takes us seven weeks to build it on-site.

Our granny annexe prices start from less than £75k and can add significant value to your property. To learn more about service and maybe arrange a free on-site consultation, simply get in touch.

Join us for a no cost, no obligation on-site consultation to explore your annexe options…

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