Choosing the Right Bathroom for Your Granny Annexe

The bathroom is an important room in any home and a granny annexe is no exception. Downsizing doesn’t mean losing comfort and functionality – the bathroom in your granny annexe needs to be every bit as practical and stylish as it would be in your existing home. In most cases, a granny annexe bathroom will likely be an improvement on your existing bathroom, especially for people who have mobility issues and want to future proof their home.

let’s look at granny annexe bathroom options.


Shower, Tub or Wet Room?

The most important decision to make about your new granny annexe bathroom is what type of shower/bath you would like. Or more likely, what is the most practical option for your needs.

A standard shower room usually has a shower cubicle that has a small lip on the tray. This type of shower is ideal for saving space and for anyone who isn’t bothered about having a bathtub. Enclosed showers are practical for anyone with mobility issues, but it is worth noting that this type of shower isn’t ideal for wheelchair users due to the lip on the shower tray and enclosed nature of the cubicle.

For anyone with complex mobility needs, a wet room is a much better option. A wet room is easier to navigate as there is no step to access the shower and there is more room to manoeuvre once inside the shower. Wet rooms are also practical for people who need assistance to shower.

Of course, if you prefer to soak in a full bath, downsizing to an annexe doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice luxury. It isn’t only people with mobility issues who choose to live in an annexe and if you are fully mobile then a bathtub with an overhead shower might be the best option for you.

image shows inspiration for a granny annexe bathroom


Future Proof Your Granny Annexe Bathroom

In addition to thinking about what type of bathroom you want right now, you should consider your needs in the future.

Not to sound too gloomy, but we all become less active as we age and although a bath might sound great, it could become an issue in the future. If you are planning on moving into a granny annexe because of age or health reasons, a shower would be a more suitable choice.

Even if you are fit and healthy at present, planning for the future will save you any issues and expense in the long run. Think of cleaning as well as your mobility; some consider a shower or wet room easier to clean and maintain.


iHUS Granny Annexe Bathrooms

Here at iHUS, we have thought of everything when it comes to your bathroom. Our annexes come as standard with a shower room that includes; a shower cubicle, WC and washbasin. Our bathrooms are finished to a high standard and include flooring, tile boards and a towel rail. You can even choose your wall and floor colour to give your annexe a personal touch.

If a standard shower isn’t suitable for your needs, then we have two other options available; a wet room upgrade, which will provide you with an easily accessible walk-in shower space, or, upgrade to a bathtub with over bath shower.

All three of our bathroom styles have additional items that can be added on, depending on your mobility needs. These small details can make a big difference when it comes to making your life easier. Additional items include; grab rails, a shower seat, and even toilets that are a little bit higher than standard ones.

Our friendly consultation team will help guide you through the options, show you the full range of upgrades and help you choose the right granny annexe bathroom.

image shows a bathroom to provide inspiration when thinking about your granny annexe bathroom options


Want to Know More About Our Bathrooms?

If you have any questions about our granny annexe bathrooms or would like to view our range of options, then please contact us.

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    Simply fill in the form and you will be emailed a link to download our 32 page annexe brochure. Please check your Junk mail if your brochure doesn’t appear in your inbox

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    Download Your Free Annexe Brochure

      Simply fill in the form and you will be emailed a link to download our 32 page annexe brochure. Please check your Junk mail if your brochure doesn’t appear in your inbox

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