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Granny Annexe Ideas: Beautiful Bathrooms

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When people think of granny annexe bathrooms they tend to picture, cramped, tight spaces with small shower cubicles and no storage space. Kind of like what you’d see in a caravan! But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, if you choose the right granny annexe from the best granny annexe provider, you won’t have to compromise on bathroom size or quality at all. Instead, you will have a gorgeous, spacious bathroom that suits your style and meets your needs.

Granny Annexe Bathrooms Tailored To Your Taste

Another common misconception with granny annexes is that all the bathrooms look the same in every granny annexe. When in reality, the bathrooms fitted within an iHus granny annexe are spacious, stylish, and more importantly, tailored to your taste.

You can choose from a wet room, which is incredibly beneficial if you have mobility issues, or you can choose a shower room with a shower cubicle. Alternatively, you can opt for a bathtub with a shower, which is perfect if you love a long, hot bath.

iHus’ bathrooms also include a modern toilet with a soft close seat and a sink with lever taps. Mobility aids can also be added if required, to ensure that the bathroom is accessible for you.

The bathrooms in our core annexe range come fitted as standard, but the style and finish are completely up to you. You can choose the flooring, radiators, storage solutions and more! And of course, the decorating and colour scheme is completely up to you.

iHus granny annexe bathroom can be tailored to your style

Alternatively, if the core annexe range doesn’t quite meet your required taste, just let us know and we’ll be happy to explore the benefits and costs of building a truly bespoke granny annexe with your dream bathroom.

Here at iHus, we are proud to use the very best, high-quality materials in our granny annexes. So, our granny annexe bathroom is sure to meet your standards in both design and quality.

Your Dream Bathroom

Bathrooms are an essential room in any home and having the perfect bathroom is important. Once you have chosen your granny annexe bathroom finish and have finalised the small details, it’s time to add your personal touch.

Adding your personal touch to an iHus granny annexe bathroom couldn’t be easier. As well as designing, building and fitting your bathroom, we also decorate it (using your chosen preferences of course!).

Warm, Light Shades

Because bathrooms tend to be smaller than other rooms in a house, it is always best to opt for warm, light shades when decorating a bathroom. Neutral colours such as crisp white, soft beige, warm mocha and pale grey are timeless and stylish. They highlight the spaciousness in a bathroom and add a clean, calm element to the room.

Warm, neutral colours also give you plenty of choices when it comes to bathroom accessories and essentials. For example, if someone was to buy you a bath towel set as a gift, any colour would complement the neutral shades.

Add A Splash Of Colour

Decorating your bathroom in warm, neutral colours also gives you the opportunity to add a splash of colour with accessories. For example, a turquoise blue or pastel green bathmat set with matching towels will look beautiful against the neutral backdrop. Similarly, you can add a colourful or patterned blind for contrast.

Add a splash of colour to your granny annexe bathroom with accessories

Add Accessories To Personalise

It’s the small things that make a big difference. And accessories can completely alter the look of your granny annexe bathroom. A wall mirror, as well as being practical, will reflect light around the room.

Wall hangings such as pictures will allow you to inject a little bit of personality into the bathroom. Plants are also a great accessory for a bathroom. They clean the air and look great! Some plants thrive in humid rooms, so, are perfect for the bathroom.

Get In Touch

Here at iHus, we specialise in the design and build of luxury self-contained granny annexes.

If you’re thinking about investing in your very own dream granny annexe with a beautiful bathroom, spacious living area, fully-fitted kitchen and bedroom, we can help!

We take care of planning permission, provide complete project management on-site and ensure that every detail of your garden annexe is finished to an exceptional standard. All you have to do is move in.

If you have any questions about our range of self-contained annexes or you would like to book a free consultation, simply get in touch. A member of our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.