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Thinking Of Getting A Granny Annexe In Your Garden? Here Is What You Need To Consider.

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If you are thinking of getting a granny annexe in your garden there are some things you need to consider.

A granny annexe in your garden is a fantastic idea if you want to have your elderly parents closer to you, increase the value of your property, or give your teenager space and privacy.

But doing it without sacrificing your garden, annoying your neighbours, or falling down on planning permission requires a little thought.

Let’s have a look at some of the things you need to think about before you have a granny annexe in your garden.

1) How much space do you need for a granny annexe in your garden?


You might be surprised to find that you don’t need as much space as you think to have a granny annexe in your garden.

The iHUS Granny Annexe range has something for everyone. The Cantley, for example, is 7.5 meters long and only 3.5 meters wide. But far from feeling small, clever planning gives a bedroom, open plan kitchen and living area, bathroom, and even a large storage cupboard or closet.

When you have a free consultation with one of the iHUS team, we will assess your garden. We will talk to you about how much garden you want to retain and the shape and positioning of your annexe.

If we don’t have a granny annexe shape in our portfolio to suit you, we will custom design you a solution.

We have fit some granny annexes into some pretty unique plots. Have a look at our portfolio!

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2) Do you need planning permission for a granny annexe in your garden?


Generally speaking, you will need planning permission for a granny annexe in your garden.

This isn’t always the case, but we will guide you through the quagmire of red tape.

We will take responsibility for checking if you do need planning permission. If so, we will do all the necessary paperwork for you. It really is hassle free.

Have a look at this explainer video here.

3) Is the garden suitable for a granny annexe?


Some gardens are better suited to granny annexes than others, but we haven’t failed a customer yet!

Large trees, ponds, boundary disputes and even protected wildlife can make getting a granny annexe in your garden seem like an impossible task.

If your garden doesn’t appear to be suitable, we will work with you to find a plot and annexe that are a match made in heaven.

We work with architects, planners, and landscapers to ensure we come up with a solution.

And don’t worry, we will project manage the whole thing.

4) Do I have to ask my neighbours before getting a granny annexe in my garden?


You don’t have to ask you neighbours before you put a granny annexe in your garden, but it might make for more harmonious living if you do run it by them first.

Sometimes, neighbours can get upset if their vista is interrupted by a granny annexe.

Our granny annexes all have the option of a pitched or flat room, so you can put their fears to rest by having a flat room if they are worried about their view.

A lot of people wince at the thought of a flat roof. Twenty years ago, you would be right to. They allowed water to pool on top and were prone to leaks. But new roofing materials and technology prevents this, meaning flat roofs are a legitimate alternative to a pitched roof.

An Alternative To Elderly Care And More

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As an alternative to elderly care, a granny annexe in your garden is a fantastic option.

It means you can keep your loved ones close so you can help to look after them and enjoy your time together.

But more than that, a granny annexe provides independence and dignity to people who need a little more help.

Not everyone is ready for a care home, and sheltered accommodation can be expensive and sub-standard.

A granny annexe is stylish, spacious, and accessible. They are fully customisable. From the roof, to the cladding, and even the floor coverings and kitchen units. We can help you and your loved one plan in their future care needs, such as wider doorways for wheelchairs or ramps and grab rails for access.

If you are ready to book your free, no obligation consultation, get in touch with us here.

Or, download your free brochure here.