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Granny Annexe Objections: Dealing with the Neighbours

image shows a neighbour looking over her fence to represent granny annexs objections

Neighbours can be a concern when it comes to building a granny annexe; especially if you think that yours may have objections. Read on for guidance on informing neighbours of intended plans, planning permission and granny annexe objections.

Should I Tell My Neighbours I’m Building a Granny Annexe?

We believe it’s a good idea to tell your neighbours about your plans as soon as possible. that way, if there are any issues, they can be ironed out early on.

When working with iHUS, we take care of planning permission for you and apply to your Local Planning Authority (LPA) for permission to build. Your LPA will notify your neighbours that you plan on building an annexe and they will have their chance to object.

We recommend speaking to neighbours before plans are submitted to your LPA by us. Show them your plans and reassure them about any worries they may have over privacy or obstructed views.

If you don’t speak to your neighbours, the first they will hear about the plans will be when they receive first notification from your LPA. Leaving it until this stage to try and speak to neighbours may leave them feeling annoyed and less likely to be agreeable.

In worst case scenarios, objections will hold up the planning process and your build.

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Can My Neighbours Object to a Granny Annexe?

Yes, and for any reason. That doesn’t necessarily mean that their objection may be valid; some neighbours can just be tricky to deal with.

Most neighbours will be concerned about a loss of privacy or the annexe blocking their existing view. These are the two most common concerns. It’s best to listen to your neighbour’s concerns and address them where possible.

Pleasing the neighbours may mean switching a pitched roof for a flat one or changing the location of doors and windows on your granny annexe. Many of these concerns can be discussed and resolved whilst drawing the plans up for your annexe. keeping your neighbours informed of changes you have made to make the design more acceptable to them.

Dealing with Granny Annexe Objections

Sometimes, a neighbour’s granny annexe objections may be unwarranted. Remember; annexes, in general, can only be decided on Planning Law not just because a neighbour objects. This means that if your design is granted permission by your LPA, then your neighbour can’t do anything about this.

If your neighbour has raised objections, either to yourself or the LPA but permission was granted to build then you will need to decide how to proceed.

Everyone wants to get along with their neighbours and going ahead with a project that your neighbour objects to could make bringing in the milk very awkward!

That is why it is important to try as best you can, to ensure that your designs are approved by your neighbours.  If the changes they ask for aren’t unreasonable, it may be worth complying – just to ‘keep the peace’. However, if your local LPA has granted permission to build and doesn’t recognise your neighbours’ objections then you have every right to build the annexe as it is on the plan.

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iHUS Planning Service

when you work with iHUS you receive a full service from start to finish. Included in this service is our design experts drawing up plans and our planning permission department working to gain your project approval from your Local Planning Authority.

If any granny annexe objections are raised, our team will be on hand to advise you on the best course of action to take or help change the design. This removes a lot of stress from the process at your end.

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