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How Big is a Granny Annexe Compared to a Bungalow?

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One of the most frequently asked questions when you are thinking about building an annexe in your back garden is how big are they? Read this blog to find out…

How Big Is A Granny Annexe Compared To A Bungalow?

One of the most frequently asked questions when you are thinking about building an annexe in your back garden is how big are they?

The quick answer is bigger than you think, in fact some of our annexes are either the same size or bigger than a small bungalow, and they even rival some new homes or apartments in terms of square metre floor space.

So to help you visualise just how big an IHUS Granny Annexe actually is, we thought we’d share some examples for you to compare and see for yourself that these amazingly affordable little homes at the bottom of the garden are actually bigger than you think.


A Small Two Bedroom Bungalow In Shrewsbury

Most people would relate to the size of this small two bedroom bungalow for sale in Shrewsbury, Shropshire right now. (The property is on the Right Move website at the time of writing. To view click here)

It’s a two bedroom bungalow with an open plan kitchen very much like one of our IHUS annexes, it’s very well presented and is on the market for around £280,000.

The overall size is around 10.5 metres long by 5.4 metres wide which is slightly smaller than our Cantley Extra Plus Annexe which has an overall size of 12 metres by 5 metres which is “on the market” as it were for under £95,000.

This is the floor plan and layout of the two bedroom bungalow we are using in this example.

With a little bit of imagination and some great ideas to maximise the space available you can easily relate to the size, style and space available.

When people see one of our HUScore annexes for the first time they are usually blown away with two things:-

  1. The quality of the build itself, it’s a real little home at the bottom of the garden.
  2. The actual size and scale of the annexe. It’s not something many of us has any experience with (hence this blog post) but when you can compare it with something you know and are familiar with it becomes easier to see what annexes are all about and how they are providing all sorts of sensible (and affordable) housing solutions throughout the UK right now.

We are currently building more annexes than ever before and love the way in which we are providing lovely, affordable housing solutions for elderly care, young families, single income adults and people looking to downsize, free up equity and simplify their lifestyle by choosing to live closer together as a family.

And here’s another easy to relate to comparison, a two bedroom new build apartment.


Planning Process Explained

A Two Bedroom Apartment In Shropshire

Another example that really provides the perfect example of how big a granny annexe is or what it looks and feels like is by thinking of a granny annexe as an apartment in your back garden.

It’s one level living (like a bungalow) but with more of an apartment style layout.

All our IHUS annexes are put through Building Regulations even though they are classed as mobile homes.

This is a choice we make as a company who care deeply about the quality of our builds.

This two bedroom apartment is a new build in Telford in Shropshire and it has a shared stairway entrance and is also on the Right Move website at the time of writing (To view click here).

It’s for sale at an affordable £122,995 and is a Barratts apartment aimed at first time buyers.

Apartments tend to be a great option to buy but notoriously difficult to resell when you want to move up the housing ladder.

You also have to keep your fingers crossed that your neighbours above or below you aren’t into heavy rock music or late night parties and maybe starting a family is a long way in the distance. 😉 

Below is the floor plan of the apartment

Room Dimensions are given as:-

  • Kitchen – 2.01 x 3.06m (6’7” x 10’0”)
  • Lounge / Dining – 3.92 x 4.4m (12’10” x 14’5”)
  • Bedroom 1 (double) – 3.45 x 3.96m (11’3” x 12’11”)
  • Bedroom 2 (double) – 3.27 x 3.43m (10’8” x 11’3”)
  • Bathroom – 2 x 2.17m (6’6” x 7’1”)

In comparison once again with something familiar that you can relate to being this two bedroom apartment, our HUScore Loversall two bedroom standard annexe is slightly bigger room by room and is “on the market” as it were for under £ 85,000.

What makes a new build so attractive is the presentation of the show models (which are also a perfect way to get ideas for your annexe by the way.)

These are some of the interiors from the beautifully presented two bedroom apartment for even more inspiration.

For most people, annexes not only offer a real alternative to the traditional UK property ladder, retirement villages or care homes they offer a fresh start for many people (young or old) looking for a home of their own on their terms.

And designing your annexe (while we obtain Planning Permission for you) is the fun part of building an annexe in your back garden.

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