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How much does a self contained garden annexe cost?

Self contained garden annexes are a highly effective – and surprisingly affordable – way to increase the usability of your outdoor spaces. 

By choosing a reputable and recommended supplier, you can secure this structure at a very competitive price. 

As a durable, weather-resistant and stylish structure, all at a very affordable cost, annexes really do offer the best of both worlds. 

Keep reading to find out more about what annexes offer property owners, and a detailed breakdown of how much you can expect a self contained garden annexe to cost. 

What is a self contained garden annexe?

A garden annexe is a permanent, secure and weather-proof structure, built in the garden of an existing property. With rising property prices and the cost of living crisis, annexes are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in areas where housing prices are expensive.

The key difference between annexes and other garden structures is that annexes are precisely designed for style, comfort and to be lived on. 

Annexes are not only cosy and attractive, but they can be customised, to feature your pick from the full range of creature comforts. These include everything from bespoke kitchens and bathrooms, to reading nooks, living areas and convenient outdoor storage – the choice is yours! 

Garden annexes are most commonly associated with the concept of ‘granny annexes’. Granny annexes are purpose-built annexes, which can be either attached to a house, or located in the garden. 

These give elderly people the opportunity to keep their privacy and homely living areas, while being conveniently located close to their loved ones. Plus, they get the chance to design their own customised, easy to use, secure and comfortable new home. 

But today, these live-in garden annexes have flourished in popularity, making them a sought-after choice amongst young people, homeowners who love hosting, as well as grandparents! 

How much does it cost to build a self contained garden annexe?

The cost of building a self contained garden annexe can vary considerably, depending on a range of different factors. 

The main factors that affect self contained garden annexe costs are: 

  • The size – the larger the annexe, the more expensive it will be 
  • How many rooms you need – typically, the higher the number of rooms, the higher the cost 
  • The complexity of the design – more complex structures will cost more to build
  • The utilities that are required – these will include plumbing, electrical wiring and heating systems, for example.
  • The choice of materials – high-end finishes and materials will give the annexe a longer lifespan, but will represent a higher initial cost 
  • The type of annexe foundation – different types of annexe foundations each have their own specific price point 
  • The extent of your customisation – if you are working with an annexe supplier, usually, the more customisations you add to your annexe structure, the more it will cost. Or, if you are building it yourself, you might need to work with an architect or designer, which will also represent an additional cost
  • How many windows or doors you include – windows and doors add extra costs to the construction 
  • The finishes that you choose – different types of flooring, countertops and other fixtures all come at widely different price points. So, find options that fit comfortably within your budget 

To give you an estimate of the cost, at iHus, our garden annexes are available at a wide range of prices, to suit every budget. 

The starting price is £106,387, which is the cost of our one bedroom annexe, ‘The Bawtry’. At a width of 16.57 ft and a length of 23.13 ft, this represents great value for money. 

bawtry self contained granny annexe

Or, at the other end of our range, ‘The Wheatley’ is a two bedroom annexe, costing £139,128. This annexe is a very generous size, at 19.85 ft wide and 32.97 ft long. 

To ensure you get the best value for money, we recommend that you consult with a range of different contractors and suppliers. Also, ensure that all the suppliers and professionals that you speak to come from reputable, verified companies. That way, you can be sure that you are receiving a fair price, and a high quality end result.

Do you need planning permission for a self contained annexe?

The short answer is Yes, if you are building a garden annexe, then you will need to apply to your Local Planning Authority (LPA) for planning permission. 

In the majority of cases, you can apply for the required planning permission by following the process of a Householder’s Planning Application. This is the same type of planning permission that you would need if you were building an extension. 

However, if your LPA classes your annexe as a new dwelling, then you will need to apply for planning permission by submitting a Full Application.

But, if you do not plan to have anyone living in your annexe, then planning permission may not be required. 

If you aren’t sure whether planning permission is required in your case, or you aren’t sure how to complete the process of applying for planning permission, this is something we look after here at iHus – we take care of the planning permission on your behalf. Further information on this will be discussed at our our free on-site consultation which we offer.

Plus, with a planning permission success rate of over 90%, you can count on our team to maximise the likelihood of your application being a success. 

Buying a self contained garden annexe from iHus

iHus is the leading annexe specialist in the UK. We are renowned for our wide range of luxury annexes, representing state of the art design, and flexible, bespoke build options. 

Our service is exceptional value for money, and our attentive team can support you through every step of the process, from assisting with planning permission applications, to customising your annexe with bespoke finishes. 

We have worked with over 400 property owners across the country, creating annexes that fulfil all of their specific requirements, achieving a durable and future-proof solution that ticks all of their boxes while remaining firmly within budget. 

Plus, our entire range of iHus annexes come with a 10-year insurance-backed guarantee. This ensures that your new annexe represents a long-term property investment, and achieves the best possible value for money. 

To view our self contained garden annexes for yourself, you can either visit one of our community show homes in person, or browse through our online brochure.

Or, to arrange a free annexe consultation for your garden, speak to our professional team today.

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