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      How To Customise Your iHUS Granny Annexe

      Download Your Free Annexe Brochure

        Simply fill in the form and you will be emailed a link to download our 32 page annexe brochure.

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        Stress less with the iHUS Commitment.

        Some things in life aren’t always guaranteed. Planning permission is one of thos. We are that confident in our appraoch that if you do not get planning permision for your project we will refund 100% of your planning fee.

        When you first start looking for the right Granny Annexe size, design and floorplan to suit your needs & personal taste, finding a granny annexe company with a flexible approach to personalising your annexe is very important.

        We pride ourselves on never building the same annexe twice, even though we have a standard Core range of granny annexes to choose from as a starting point.

        What makes us the number one choice for granny annexes in the UK is our unique approach to matching our customers personal style preferences both inside and outside their new granny annexe, together with any special adaptations they might require now or in the future.

        To make this process as easy as possible, we introduced our Options Brochure earlier this year for our granny annexe customers to choose every details of their annexe from the external cladding colour to the colour of your kitchen sink.

        Our Turn-key Service Is Second To None

        We offer a turn-key service that includes everything you need to simply put the key in the door and move in.

        That includes everything from the ground up to provide you with a fully working bathroom, kitchen, living room and bedroom fully decorated with flooring throughout ready for you to simply add your furniture and furnishings.

        Granny Annexes are a popular way to help bring families back together and provide additional elderly care if required in the future.

        Within our iHUS Options Brochure we offer all standard choices available to you, both inside and out.

        This is something we talk you through as part of our free on-site consultation service (where we also carry out a full garden survey and advise on the prospects of obtaining planning permission on your behalf.)

        So without further ado, let’s dive in to some of the most popular personalisation choices available with your iHUS Granny Annexe to make sure your annexe is as individual as you are.

        Choosing The Colour Of Your Granny Annexe

        You can choose to customize your exterior cladding colour.

        We use the very hardy Marley Cedral weatherboard on the exterior of all our granny annexes as standard.

        It is fire-rated the same as brick and very low maintenance.

        Included in the price of your annexe will be a choice of 4 external colours, including the popular Dark Grey and Cream White.

        You can personalise you iHUS granny annexe further by choosing from over a dozen other colours or different finishes (such as a weather-resistant render finish) and simply pay the difference for the upgrade.

        Creating That Cottage Look With A Pitched Roof

        One of the most popular upgrades is a pitched roof on your granny annexe to create a real cottage in the garden look and feel to your annexe.

        Not all Local Planning Authorities will always approve a pitched roof if you have neighbours that would have views or light obstructed once the granny annexe is built.

        This is something we advise you about on our free on-site consultation service.

        For many new granny annexe owners, the more traditional style pitched roof is one of the most popular customisation options and it is further enhanced by the wide choice of concrete tiles we offer to compliment the roof of the main house.

        Or Create That Stunning Porch Overhang With Downlights

        High on the wish list for granny annexe owners is the addition of an overhanging porch with downlights in the soffits.

        This popular upgrade is available on an additional cost per metre basis and looks fantastic on flat roof granny annexe models.

        There is also a choice within the Options Brochure to add electric opening Velux roof windows or even a lantern top.

        You lucky things!

        Shower Room Or Wet Room, It’s Up To You

        Inside your new iHUS granny annexe you can choose to upgrade our standard shower room to a wet room if needed.

        There are also a number of choices for wall and floor finishes for every iHUS granny annexe bathroom.

        To keep things easy to maintain we install shower wall to the shower room or wet room where required and offer vinyl click (shower room) or Polysafe Hydro (wet room) flooring in a choice of colours.

        So as you can see by now your iHUS Granny Annexe will be as individual as you are and match your personal preferences both inside and out.

        You can also choose to upgrade to a bath and install shower seats and comfort height toilets if required all off-plan and available as an upgrade so you can literally keep all your costs under control and on budget.

        Customising Your Kitchen To Suit You

        Your kitchen choices start with either a traditional cabinet choice from Howden’s Burford range or a contemporary style from Howden’s Clerkenwell range.

        Both ranges are available in a choice of colours and with the traditional Burford range you also have a choice of handles.

        We also have a choice of colours for your laminate worktop and upstand and another one of our most popular customisation options is to kitchen backboards in between the worktop and your wall units for a very modern finish.

        With many upgrades available to make sure your kitchen meets your exact needs, we have a range of integrated appliances and upgraded features to choose from.

        All in all we have everything you need to make sure your granny annexe is as unique and individual as you are.


        • All of our granny annexes can be customised fully to match your exact needs and style
        • No two annexes are identical
        • Our unique options brochure is available to you as part of our free on site consultation service nationwide
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