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      How To Freshen Up Your Garden Annexe Kitchen

      Download Your Free Annexe Brochure

        Simply fill in the form and you will be emailed a link to download our 32 page annexe brochure.

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        If you’re looking to freshen up your garden annexe kitchen, now is a perfect time! Autumn is one of the most popular seasons for re-decorating and sprucing up the home.

        This is usually because people want their home to look its best for the Christmas festivities. Perhaps you’re having family around this Christmas, or maybe you’re having a dinner party for your friends; either way, you want your garden annexe kitchen to look perfect.

        Freshening up your kitchen doesn’t have to be a big job. And it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg either! So, we’re going to share our tips and ideas for sprucing up a garden annexe kitchen. These tips will also be great for anyone who has a small-medium sized kitchen, or an open plan living space.

        Brighten Up Your Garden Annexe Kitchen With A Splash Of Colour

        It’s amazing how a lick of paint can transform a room from drab to fab. If you have a smaller kitchen, painting the wall a fresh colour can completely alter the look of the room. The timeless neutrals such as shades of white, cream and beige always look great.

        Or perhaps brighten the place up with hues of pale blue, green and even yellow. Also, burnt orange shades add a splash of colour without being too overbearing. If you’d prefer a bolder colour; navy, olive green and maroon look amazing when paired with the right kitchen cabinetry and accessories.

        image shows a granny annexe kitchen

        Invest In New Blinds

        Transforming your kitchen couldn’t be easier with new blinds. Kitchen blinds are available in a wide range of colours and patterns, meaning you can always achieve the look you’re going for.

        Roller blinds work particularly well in the kitchen as they can be wiped clean and don’t take up any windowsill space (windowsills are good for storage or make a great home for plants). If blinds aren’t your style, kitchen shutters are also a good idea. They’re practical, easy to clean and durable.

        Transform Your Kitchen Cabinets

        If you’re bored with the cabinetry in your garden annexe kitchen, there are plenty of ways to spruce it up without splashing out on a new kitchen. With the right paint (and carefully selected colour), you can easily update the look of your kitchen cabinets. Adding new handles will complete the transformation.

        Add New Cabinet Door Handles

        When it comes to sprucing up a kitchen, it’s the small details that make the difference. Kitchen cabinet handles come in a range of styles and finishes and is a simple way to alter the look of your garden annexe kitchen. For example, if you’re going for a farmhouse kitchen theme, you’ll want a different handle than if you were going for a modern monochrome kitchen theme.

        Focus On The Accessories

        Although you may not notice it, the kitchen has plenty of accessories that can be updated to transform the look of your kitchen. Accessories such as the tea and coffee caddies, bread bin and biscuit tin are simple to replace and can easily brighten up a bland kitchen.

        Similarly, adding new accessories, such as a spice rack or hanging plant will give your garden annexe kitchen that something extra.

        Add A Rug To Your Garden Annexe Kitchen

        Add a touch of warmth to your kitchen with a kitchen rug. Kitchen rugs are a huge trend at the moment. They add a new dynamic to the room and look amazing. Kitchen rugs are also extremely practical as they have a non-slip element.

        Similarly, kitchen rugs are usually machine washable, meaning you don’t have to worry about your rug getting dirty when you’re cooking (or when grandchildren are around). And the best thing is, they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, patterns and colours. So, you can find the perfect rug for your garden annexe kitchen.

        image shows an example of a granny annexe kitchen

        Upcycle Your Counter Stools

        If you have an open plan living space or kitchen island, chances are you will have counter stools. Upcycling your counter/bar stools with new fabric is easy (although if you’re unsure, I’m sure there’s a YouTube tutorial out there somewhere). Alternatively, you could always treat your garden annexe kitchen to some new stools!

        Use Space Saving Solutions

        If you have a small kitchen, space-saving solutions are amazing. Whether it’s a drawer insert to organise the inside of your kitchen drawers, a cupboard organiser or tambour doors; storage solutions can be practical and can freshen up the look of your kitchen.

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