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iHUS Granny Annexes: Activities For The Grandkids Over the Easter Holidays

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The Easter holidays are almost upon us and any parent knows that means one thing; bored kids! There are only so many days they can entertain themselves before you must get creative and crack out some activities. Failing that, pack the kids off to Granny’s for a few days! If you are looking after your grandkids this Easter holidays, then iHUS granny annexes have got you covered.

We have put together a few activities to help keep the little ones entertained, plus, all our suggestions are low cost and can be done in the comfort of your granny annexe or in the garden.

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5 Easter Activities for Grandkids

Your granny annexe might be a hive of activity this Easter; with the grandkids off school, you might have been roped in to look after the kids for a few days or you might just be having the family over for a traditional roast dinner. Either way, keeping the grandkids happy is easy with one of our Easter activities. Here are our top five.

  1. Easter bonnets

Depending on the source you read, Easter bonnets originated in several different ways, but it is generally accepted that flowers on a fancy hat at this time of year signify spring and a time of new beginnings. With people keen to show off their new headgear, Easter parades became popular and the whole thing turned very competitive! Hobbycraft have a great selection of supplies in for the kids to get creative and make their own masterpiece hats; they even have an Easter Bonnet Guide for some inspiration.

  1. Egg decorating

Decorating eggs is another old Easter tradition that goes back years; hen or ducks’ eggs are dyed or painted to make pretty decorations or gifts. Eggs need to be ‘blown’ to ensure that they are hollow and clean before any decorating starts; read how here. Once the eggs have been hollowed its time to get creative – the sky really is the limit with this. Poster paints work well on eggshells but for a more traditional activity, try tie-dyed eggs.

  1. Chocolate crafts

If you are feeling adventurous or don’t mind your granny annexe kitchen getting a little bit messy then why not teach the grandkids how to make chocolate Easter eggs? Or even create some home-made truffles.

  1. Baking

Sweet goods and cakes are always very popular around Easter; in the UK, two of the most well-known treats are hot cross buns which are traditionally served on Good Friday and Simnel cake which is served at tea time on Easter Sunday. Hot cross buns are very easy to make and taste delicious fresh and hot out of the oven.

  1. Easter egg hunt

If you or your grandkids are not crafty types, then why not organise a mini Easter egg hunt? Your grant annexe garden is the perfect location to stash small Easter eggs for the grandkids to find. To make it extra egg-citing, why not write out clues that lead to the location of the eggs.

We hope our Easter activities inspired you and that you enjoy the Easter holidays with the grandkids!

easter eggs decorated and hung up in a granny annexe

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