Introducing The New IHUS Options Brochure

Introducing The New IHUS Options Brochure
Diane Cossie

Introducing The Exciting New IHUS Options Brochure

When it comes to choosing which company to build your granny annexe we like to think we’d be at the very top of your list.

We’ve got stacks of experience, and build the prettiest annexes plus we have the widest choice of granny annexe floor plans and external options available.

So how could we make things any better you may ask?

Well, we just did.

Introducing the new iHUS Options Brochure, containing everything you need to design your annexe inside & out.

How To Design & Personalize Your Granny Annexe With Ease

The decision to build an annexe in your back garden is a complex one and we like to think we make everything as easy as possible for you during our free on-site consultation services which are available Nationwide.

Once we’ve discussed your granny annexe plans and we’ve surveyed your garden you’ll probably have a lot of questions about the build process, planning and service connections you’d like to know about.

Once that part of our consultation is complete we get to the fun part (for most people that is) and that’s designing the interior of your new granny annexe.

We’ve always got samples of our various kitchens, bathroom and floor choices with us but we thought we’d take it to a whole new level inside our stunning new Options Brochure.

Inside your Options Brochure you’ll find all the standard internal and external finishing choices available for you to choose from.

And you’ll also find a whole host of optional extras to select if you want to add a few upgrades or adaptations to your annexe.

One of our iHUS annexe consultants will be on hand to guide you about additional costs and details.

It’s never been easier to design your own individual iHUS annexe.

Discover What’s Available Inside Our New Options Brochure When You Book A Free On-Site Consultation

Make designing your dream annexe as easy as possible from the comfort of your own home, with our new Options Brochure.

Simply flick through the brochure page by page as it guides you through all your exterior choices:-

  • External cladding styles & colours
  • Roof design, tiles (if applicable) & optional upgrades
  • Windows & doors
  • Canopies and roof lights (if required)
  • Decking and Lights (if required)

And then go on to discover all your interior choices too:-

  • Laminate & vinyl flooring choices
  • Internal heating system
  • Lighting & Electrics
  • Shower Rooms or Wet Rooms (plus upgrades and adaptations as required)
  • Kitchen styles and choices
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Worktops and additional kitchen choices (upgrades available)

We’ve included everything you need to create a high quality granny annexe that exactly matches your style and budget.

The only missing ingredient is you.

What To Do Next If You Would Like To Book A Free Consultation

Our Options Brochure is only available from one of our iHUS annexe consultants as part of free on-site consultation service.

If you would like to book a free on-site consultation service simply call  0808 1641111 or use the Contact Us page on the website.

Feeling inspired? Join us for a no cost, no obligation on-site consultation to explore the annexe options available to you.

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