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5 IKEA Hacks That Are Perfect For Granny Annexes

Granny annexes are one-level living like a bungalow with a layout, style and feel of an apartment so when it comes to furnishing your new Granny Annexe you should be thinking clever storage and IKEA hacks to make the best use of space.

Not that annexes are small, they are anything but (click here to read our recent article ‘How Big A Granny Annexe Is Compared To A Bungalow’) to see for yourself. However, when it comes to playing it smart with your storage choices in your granny annexe, it pays to take a stroll through your local IKEA store and think about all those clever IKEA hacks you can create to make sure you have a place for everything and everything in its place.


IKEA hacks For Granny Annexes | 1. Create Great Looking Entrance Hallway Storage with Kallax Units

Kallax Units will no doubt make their way into the unofficial hallway of fame for brilliant, versatile storage units at a remarkably low price. They come in a variety of unit sizes, including 4 cubes and 8 as in the photo above and are very lightweight and easy to assemble. The Kallax units also come in a gloss or matt finish (the matt finish is more budget friendly) and by laying an 8-cube unit on it’s side you have an instant hallway storage unit that you change with the time of year if you wish. Store away all your hats and scarfs in the Winter and make a handy place for your sunglasses and sun screen in the Summer.

Add dark wicker baskets for a more sophisticated look and top with your choice of wood laminate or veneer if you want a two-tone look like this.


IKEA hacks for granny annexes | 2. The RASKOG Trolley Bedside Cabinet

IKEA have a ton of options when it comes to storage solutions on wheels and if you want the perfect bedside cabinet that you can move easily from kitchen to bathroom to bedroom then the IKEA Raskog trolley makes for the perfect solution.

Making sure your loved ones are safe and sound in an annexe in your back garden is the number one reason people consider and then go on to build an annexe.

And once that decision is made there are a lot of decisions to make regarding furniture, furnishings and adaptations to the annexe to make sure you have everything you need now and in the future.

A bedside cabinet that becomes a portable table can be a great way to make sure Mum or Dad (or both) have everything they need to hand.

No more worrying about glasses, favourite books, medications or an extra blanket for when it turns colder in the evenings.


IKEA hacks for granny annexes | 3. Creating A Console Storage Unit

Unbelievably this storage solution started out with the ultra versatile KALLAX unit we mentioned in IKEA hacks for granny annexes number one. Not only do IKEA also sell the wicker basket inserts that fit beautifully into the unit but they also sell the drawer packs too.

There are so many different ways you can use these amazing units it’s likely once you get started, you may never stop. And once you have discovered all the uses for your new granny annexe, it’s likely you won’t be able to stop telling all your friends and family about your IKEA hacks too.

The great thing about annexes is that they are open plan and finding storage space and units like this can double up in the living area or in the kitchen / dining space or bedroom is what makes these hacks so brilliant.

IKEA hacks for granny annexes | 4. PLUGGIS Storage boxes for a perfectly organised fridge

Most people’s trips to IKEA go something along the lines of:

  • Parking a little too far from the main entrance than hoped due to the number of people already queuing to get in.
  • Picking up a brochure, pencil and shopping list as you enter.
  • Politely meandering around the room set displays saying “now that looks like a good idea!”.
  • Stopping for a bite to eat at the ridiculously low-priced restaurant before hitting the place we came all this way for.

The market place!

The IKEA market place is typically the place you could literally fill your trolley (thoughtfully provided for you) at least twice with things you never knew you even wanted or needed or both.

So as you work your way through this wonderland of storage solutions pick up a few PLUGGIS storage boxes and re-organise your fridge just like the photo.

Of course, these sturdy, wipe clean useful storage boxes will no doubt find their way into other areas of your granny annexe.


IKEA hacks for granny annexes | 5. Think up when it comes to storage

Here comes another KALLAX IKEA hack and it’s also one of the ways in which you should think about all types of storage units in granny annexes and that is UP!

When you want smaller spaces to look exceptionally well dressed, organised and easy to maintain, clever storage is a must. However, you need to think up, not out.

That 8-drawer unit in your bedroom is going to be a lot more useful than the 3-drawer option.

A KALLAX unit or two on top of a console unit as in the photo above will double the amount of storage space available and create much needed height in your annexe living room.

The vast majority of UK homes are not overly huge and with new homes being smaller than ever before you’ll find a lot of great ideas for small space living and storage on your next trip to IKEA.

Feeling inspired? Join us for a no cost, no obligation on-site consultation to explore the annexe options available to you.

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