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      Keeping Your Granny Annexes Cool

      Download Your Free Annexe Brochure

        Simply fill in the form and you will be emailed a link to download our 32 page annexe brochure.

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        The UK is set for some more unseasonably warm weather in the coming weeks, and last summer was a record breaker when it came to summer temperatures. The general opinion is that our summers are now getting hotter and longer. So, with roasting days and balmy evenings, how do our granny annexes feel when it comes to warmer weather and how can you help keep the temperature cool in your annexe?

        Keeping Your Granny Annexes Cool in Summer

        Last summer was a record breaker and homeowners across the country struggled to keep indoor temperatures cool, or even comfortable.

        As an annexe owner or if you are looking to build a granny annexe, you might have worries about the building feeling too warm and how you can keep it feeling cool in the summer. However, there is no need to worry as our core range has many standard features to help keep your annexe cool and there are things you can do yourself to help with summer temperatures.

        Cool Annexes From iHUS

        Our annexes are designed to be comfortable in all seasons; cosy in winter and cool in summer starting with the construction of the building. Each annexe is fully insulated which means that they are great at retaining heat in the winter but are also good at stopping the temperature rising too much in the summer. The idea is to keep a consistent, comfortable temperature, year-round.

        Our annexes are also clad in weatherboard which works as another layer of insulation – helping reflect the heat from the sun in summer months.

        image shows a granny annexe in the sun

        Windows are an important aspect of each of our annexes too.  Yes, these do allow light in which also means heat, but quality, easy to use UPV means that opening and closing windows is easy and keeping your annexe well ventilated is a doddle. Even our standard range comes with French doors – what could be cooler than opening the doors and enjoying reading in the cool shade of your annexe with a gentle breeze blowing through.

        Ventilation is important when it comes to regulating temperature and all of our annexes are equipped to correctly so that the building can ‘breathe, and the air never becomes stale.

        If you love to spend time outside in the summer, we can also add outdoor spaces to your annexe – a composite veranda or patio would be the perfect place to sit under an umbrella keeping cool in the summer.

        Tips for Keeping Your Annexe Cool

        Of course, with the summers we have been having in the UK it would be impossible to prevent temperatures rising at all indoors but there are things you can do yourself in your annexe to help stay cool and comfortable.

        1. Install blinds – vertical or Venetian blinds are excellent at keeping living spaces cool. To maximise their use, keep them closed during the day when the weather is very hot. This will help stop the sun shining through windows and creating hot spots.
        2. Install air conditioning – once seen as unnecessary in the UK, air con is now becoming more common in domestic properties. Our annexes are connected to the mains electricity so its entirely possible to install air condition in your annexe.
        3. Use a fan – electric fans are a good way of providing localised cool air in your annexe. when you are in bed for example or cooing in the kitchen.
        4. Turn off unused electrical appliances – you wouldn’t think this makes a difference, but in a smaller space, running appliances that generate heat can bring the room temperature up. If you are using the television switch it off at the plug socket.
        5. Finally, try to focus on keeping yourself cool, rather than your home. This is especially important for older people who are prone to heat exhaustion. Wear cool, light clothing on hot days and ensure that you drink enough cool drinks to maintain even body temperature.

        image shows a fan being used to keep a granny annexe cool

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