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Luxury Garden Pods: How to Annexe in Style…

If you told someone you were moving into an annexe a decade ago, it’s likely you’d be met with concern about living in ‘some kind of garden shed’. Over the years though, they’ve transformed into a thing of luxury. Far from your bog-standard garden shed, these high-spec and contemporary living spaces have become an increasingly attractive option for a more adaptable breed of homeowners.

So, what exactly is it that turns a regular granny annexe into a luxury garden pod? If you’re left scratching your head for an answer, fear not. From choosing the right building materials, to landscaping the garden, learn how to annexe in style – with this helpful guide from iHus

Modern and Sleek Exterior

They say you should never judge a book by its cover, but – when it comes to downsizing to a luxury garden pod, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The exterior design of your annexe is just as important as its interior, especially if you’re wanting to leave a lasting impression. 

When you opt for iHus to supply and install your garden pod, you’ll benefit from a wide range of attractive customisation options to choose from…

Arguably the most impactful of these is your choice of external cladding. As standard, our core range of annexes come fitted with Marley Cedral Weatherboard; a fibre cement cladding option that combines the hardy, weather-resistant properties of concrete, with the look – and feel, of real timber. However, if you’d prefer a more natural looking finish, you can select from a wide range of alternative cladding options – such as untreated green oak.

There are plenty of other factors to consider too; from door and window frame colours, to whether you’d prefer a flat or pitched roof design. If you’re wanting the life of luxury, why not add some composite decking and bi-fold doors to create a chic outdoor sitting area? Even better if it overlooks gorgeous natural views – as Wendy Hamm’s custom-built project does.

Luxury garden pods at night

High-Quality Building Materials

It’s all well and good giving your garden pod a sleek design, but what use is it if the choices you make don’t perform as needed? To truly live a life of luxury in your annexe, you’ll need to ensure you’re picking high-quality building materials that do more than just look appealing.

At iHus, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest-quality build possible. Those fearful of wintery conditions will be relieved to hear that once our annexes get heated, they stay that way. Rointe digital radiators provide efficient heating throughout, and walls are constructed using a super-insulated structural timber frame. PVCu window and door frames come fitted with 28mm double glazing as standard, in order to achieve A-class energy efficiency.

It’s something Tony Blackburn has noticed, both in his own custom-built iHus project – and the Open Hus visits he’s conducted as our official brand ambassador. “That’s my main impression with all these annexes” confessed Tony to the Lewis’s. “I’ve visited about three now, and the one I’ve got at home for my mother-in-law is so warm. With electricity bills and the cost of living now as well, the radiators they put in are quite reasonable to run.”

What’s more, unlike timber-built log cabins, our luxury garden pods are built to last. Marley Cedral Weatherboard, our standard cladding option, is both weather and rot resistant. This means your beautiful new annexe will stand the test of time, even in the harshest conditions. In fact, we’re so confident in its long-lasting qualities, we offer a 50 year guarantee on it.

Beautiful Landscaping

Just as interiors can be made luxurious with intelligent design moves, gardens can benefit from the same approach. If you’re wanting to take your bespoke annexe to the next level, it’s worth looking into landscaping options. With a well-designed lawn space, your luxury garden pod will feel like it truly belongs in the space it inhabits, rather than just wedged into it. Our McCoy project is a lovely example of how this can be achieved.

The vast majority of people coming to us for annexe construction tend to desire both a sense of independent living, and additional support from their loved ones. Whether it’s a first home for younger people – or an alternative care option for elderly relatives, those living in a luxury garden pod benefit from having family close by. In order to reflect this, it’s worth looking into landscaping options that will help create a stronger sense of dual-living.

Perhaps you’d prefer a blended lawn space, in which the annexe and main house share the garden as one cohesive unit. In these cases, you could connect the two dwellings with a stone pathway, or install a devoted patio space for communal gatherings and summertime meals. For an extra touch of luxury, you could even add a devoted hot tub space – just as the McCoy’s have done with their bespoke garden pod from iHus.

Alternatively, you could establish a separate garden space with lawn fencing and shrubbery. Whatever you choose, adding some dynamic floral arrangements to your lawn will provide some spectacular views from inside your annexe – and gardening can act as a fantastic exercise to keep fit and active, too.

Luxury Garden Pods from iHus

With more than 500 luxury garden pods under our belt, we know a thing or two about annexe construction. From initial design and consultation, right through to gaining planning results and putting up the final shelf on moving day, our team of professionals can help with it all.
Simply get in touch with our friendly and experienced team today to see how we can help give that space in your garden the luxurious new lease of life it deserves.

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