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Spring Style Tips for Your Granny Annexe

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Spring is almost upon us and we are excited! We love the potential for a whole new beginning and don’t think out beautiful granny annexes should be any different.

So, throw out that sofa, tear down your curtains, and rip out your kitchen! Or, if that sounds a bit drastic, have a look at our easy style updates you can make to your granny annexe with our top 5 spring style tips for your granny annexe.

Pantone Colour of The Year

Pantone colour of the year Living Coral for blog by iHus on Style Tips for Your Granny Annexe

Interior design trends are often led by the Pantone Colour of The Year. Perversely, the Pantone colour of the year is led by design trends.

The colour this year is Living Coral. Described by Pantone as ‘an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge’.


It’s a beautiful rich pink, so incorporating that into your décor will give it a fresh warmth.

Try dotting splashes of it around, like in towels, candle holders, or crockery.


Botanical Greens

Jungle fever is still going strong. Large botanical prints, deep greens, and accents of gold make us feel at one with nature. It is no surprise that many people are opting for this trend as environmental matters are so prevalent.

Adding plenty of plants is an easy style update for your granny annexe and follows the botanical trend beautifully. Cluster several together to create a mini corner jungle. By situating them at different levels you will draw the eye and retain it’s interest.

Or, if you love the trend and want to commit, a large print wallpaper will have you feeling totally tropical in no time.

Image if large print wallpaper in a living room for blog by iHus on Style Tips for Your Granny Annexe


Pared Back Style

We have had a few years of really busy, eclectic interiors.

Austerity and a drive towards sustainability has led to an emergency of a more minimalist trend. That’s not the same as the minimalist trends we saw in the early 200os. Instead of bare walls it is now about clean lines, economical use of materials and natural colours.

The Scandi trend is a great flag-waver for this. Narrow tapered legs keep materials to a minimum, natural wooden finishes mean the simple beauty of the wood shines through and a palate of cool neutral tones evoke both the natural world stripped back industrialism.

If you want to have a go at this trend, consider choosing furnishings and decorations in contrasting cool colours, such as white and grey. Try to ensure there is some natural fibres or materials there too, such as wood or canvas, and lean towards geometric shapes.

Another way to achieve it is to use only one or two colours in your room pair them with neutrals. Think neutral walls, curtains, furniture and flooring but bright vases, artwork, and soft furnishings.

Scandi sideboard and green chair for blog by iHus on Style Tips for Your Granny Annexe


Warm colours

As indicated by the Pantone of the Year, the trends are all moving towards warmer colours.

Rose gold is out. Cool grey is gone. Its time to come in from the cold.

We are absolutely in love with ‘greige’ and mixture of grey and beige, that is a really soft taupe colour. It goes with practically everything!

Even whites have gone warmer with the addition of more beige tones and yellowy whites.



If you do opt for neutrals and pared back style you are going to want to inject some vibrancy and life into your granny annexe style.

Combining different textures is a fun and easy way to do this.

Think velvet cushions on a fluffy throw. Or a macramé wall hanging on a smooth wall.

But it doesn’t have to be done with just soft furnishings. Try having a collection of vases or plant pots in different materials to add some texture.

a collection of cacti in various pots for blog by iHus on Style Tips for Your Granny Annexe


Mix and Match

All those neutrals colours and streamlined furnishings leave space for a bit of fun.

This trend does work particularly well in the soft furnishings, but can also be very effective in wall art.

Combine textures, colour palates, textures, or subjects and contrast along similar themes. For example, consider having tonal green cushions in a variety of textures and patterns. Or have a gallery of bird pictures but in different styles, shapes and sizes.

This is a fun trend to tap into and will be stylish and effective for your spring style update for your granny annexe.


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