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Top 5 Flat Roof Granny Annexes

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With the increase in popularity of granny annexes, this week we are going to have a closer look at our core annexe range. So, without any further ado here are this months Top 5 Flat Roof Granny Annexes (Radio 1 chart music starts playing.)

Straight in at number 5 this month is…

The Dunscroft

With its L-shaped design, The Dunscroft annexe is the perfect building for the corner of a garden or plot of land.

Every Dunscroft annexe contains a double bedroom, shower room and a spacious open plan kitchen and living area.

The Dunscroft is available in three designs, standard, extra and extra plus

The smallest of the three designs, the Dunscroft standard is priced at £88,300 and is 8 metres long and 5.5 metres wide. The open plan living room and kitchen area means that even though it is the smallest Dunscroft annex it is still spacious.

The Extra is £94,700 and 9 metres long by 6 metres wide and the larger Extra Plus is 10 metres by 6.5 metres, priced at £103,700

Every Dunscroft Annex is finished to usual high iHUS standard, with double glazing, fitted kitchens with the option of having a pitched or flat roof and a standard shower or wet room.


Moving up the chart to number 4 is…

The Hatfield

The Hatfield is one of our largest Granny Annexes, with two bedrooms and spacious design that makes the most of the extra space to allow the maximum amount of sunlight into the rooms, perfect for those long sunny summer days and evenings.

As with all of our Granny Annexes, The Hatfield comes in three sizes.

At an impressive 10 metres long and 6.5 metres wide, the Hatfield Standard is priced at £100,700.

The Hatfield Extra is 11 metres long and at £109,300 you certainly get value for money for the extra room.

Finally, The Hatfield Extra Plus is £113,500 with a most impressive 12 metres by 6.5 metres. Like all of the iHUS annexes, there is the option of choosing a pitched or flat roof, amongst other options such as cladding, and roofing material.

flat roof Hatfield Granny Annexe

Making an impressive new entry at number 3 is…

The Cantley

The Cantley is one of the smallest in our range of annexes, second only to the Cosy Pod, but is just as impressive than the other, larger buildings.

By making the best use of the space available, even the smallest of the three Cantley annexes, at 7.5 metres long and 3.5 wide, has a spacious open plan living room and kitchen area.

With a starting price of £64,000, The Cantley is one of our most popular annexes and is able to fit into most gardens.

Finished to the same high standard with fitted kitchen, laminate flooring and perfectly placed windows and doors to ensure the building takes in as much natural light as possible.

The Cantley Extra is an extra metre long at 8.5 metres and priced at £72,200 and the Cantley Extra Plus is 10.5 metres by 5 metres costing £85,550.

flat roof cantley granny annexe

At number 2 this month is one of our customer’s favourites is…

The Hickleton

A new entry straight into number two this week is The Hickleton. Unique in our range of annexes, The Hickleton was actually designed as a result of customer feedback and is the largest of our one-bedroom annexes.

With a very spacious living area and galley kitchen, the Hickleton is ideal for someone who is looking to downsize but still have a stylish property and without having to sacrifice any space.

flat roof Hickleton Granny Annexe


And the number one flat roof granny annexe this month is…


The Loversall

It’s always going to be hard to pick one, because we love them all, but we have to say that out of all of our fabulous top 5 flat roof granny annexes, The Loversall is our favourite (this month anyway).

A two bedroomed granny annexe, indeed The Loversall Extra Plus is one of the most popular with our customers.

The Loversall has been designed so that over half of the floor space is used for a living room and kitchen area, so we can see why it has been such a popular choice.

flat roof loversall granny annexe

You can request a download of a brochure of all of our annexes here, so you can have a good look to see just how spacious and luxurious they are!

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We can also look after all the aspects involved from planning permission to on-site project management so you don’t have to worry about anything and can enjoy moving in stress-free.

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