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8 Examples of What Not To Do in Retirement

We often give advice on what to do when retiring. We’re a bespoke annexe company after all – so helping people prepare for the future is what we do. Whether it’s annexe construction or estate planning – we’re always happy to offer our expert advice on what to do. But this time, we’re switching things up a little – and focusing on what not to do in retirement instead.

From isolating yourself to leaving everything to the last minute; here are the top eight things to avoid when it comes to making the most out of your golden years.

1) Don’t overspend:

For many, it’s all too tempting to get a little spend-happy when first tasting the freedom of retirement. Whether it’s splashing out on a range of flashy sports cars or taking a round-the-world cruise; it’s easy to get carried away. It’s important to avoid overspending early though – if you don’t want to find yourself strapped for cash down the line.

Depending on your circumstances – and at what age you’re financially able to leave work; retirement could last for 30 years or more. If that’s the case – then you’ll be needing those savings to last for a considerable length of time. While it’s definitely tempting to treat yourself in retirement; it’s always better to pace your spending out than blow it all in one go.

2) Don’t be too tight-walleted:

In a similar vein – you don’t want to be too stringent with your spending either. With a bit of luck, you’ll have a decent-sized nest egg tucked away when you retire. Now – with the monotony of the working week gone; these years can be spent trying out things you’ve always wanted to do – but haven’t quite had the chance.

Spending some of your savings on a new hobby, the occasional holiday – or anything else you might want is more than okay. Yes, establishing a budget and being sensible about spending is important – of course; but it’s also important to enjoy the years to come. Don’t watch the pennies too closely – it’s about living life to the fullest for as long as possible.

Retirement friends

3) Don’t go in blindly:

With spending too much – or too little, both valid concerns for retirement; financing a long and fruitful one is truly a balancing act. When budgeting ahead, things can become confusing quickly – and there are a lot of aspects easily overlooked; from inheritance tax planning to financing in-home care options. With so much to consider, it’s important to not go into things blindly. As such, it’s recommended you seek out some professional financial advice – well before you retire indefinitely.

4) Don’t leave things to the last-minute:

Budgeting isn’t the only way you can prepare for retirement; it’s also important to take some action before any unexpected decline in health gets in the way. Installing mobility aids around the home is a great way of doing this – particularly for those in the middle stages of retirement; as this is often when health starts declining.

Sure you might not require a ramp for wheelchair access now; but installing one in advance could give peace of mind that – come what may, you’ll be prepared. It’s always better to have things sorted beforehand than be caught-short by an unexpected development.

5) Don’t make things harder:

While we’re on the subject of health and mobility, it could also be a good idea to avoid putting your body through unnecessary strain by downsizing early. Moving around larger properties – or traversing multiple flights of stairs, inevitably requires more effort and strain. As such, eliminating these factors from the equation could prove beneficial.

Opting for a garden annexe tackles multiple pressing concerns for retirees – and is the perfect way to downsize as a result. Living in any house with a smaller footprint allows for better manoeuvrability; but living in an annexe carries the added bonus of support and socialisation from loved ones.

6) Don’t isolate yourself:

Loneliness in older adults is a pressing issue; and more than one million older adults say they often don’t talk to friends or family for over a month. As such, it’s vital you try and remain social – whether it’s through gaining a new circle of friends or moving into a garden home on a relative’s property.

Lonely senior

Joining a club for something you’re passionate about can be a great way of meeting new, like-minded people. Of course, retirement is a chance for discovery; but having some hobbies already in place could give you a massive leg up when it comes to leaving work.

7) Don’t be afraid to ask for help:

It can be hard to admit we need more assistance as we get older – but it’s important to not let pride get in the way. It’s only natural to need some help – whether it’s with moving around, budget planning, feeling lonely – or anything in between.

Sure, living closer to loved ones is good for staying social; but it also means they’ll be on hand to offer their assistance as-and-when issues arise. As a result, many older adults experiencing health issues prefer this approach – not least because it avoids the expense of a full-time carer or assisted living facility.

8) Don’t take it all too seriously:

It’s not all doom and gloom – and there’s a reason retirement is often referred to as the golden years in life. It’s a time for exploring new horizons and trying things out; so don’t take it all too seriously. Yes planning is important – and there are a lot of things to consider as you get older; but it’s more important to enjoy the years to come.

If you’re starting to feel bogged down by all the stresses of retirement planning remember – you don’t have to do it alone. There are plenty of devoted, specialist services out there to offer a helping hand for both recent and soon-to-be retirees.

iHus can help:

Here at iHus, we’ve helped many people in the same position as you make solid plans for retirement. We’re passionate about annexes – and how they benefit retirees in so many ways.

Speak to our expert team today for advice from people who have been there and done it – we’re always happy to help.

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