Why Have A Granny Flat In Your Garden?

Granny flats are becoming more popular than ever. In fact, there are nearly 39,000 granny annexes in England and Wales – that’s around a 16% increase in recent years.

The government are trying to further encourage this trend by discounting council tax, along with ministers trying to emphasise the importance of reducing the stress on the NHS. So, what are you waiting for? Now is the best time to have your granny flat built!

But what is a granny annexe? Where can it be built? And why should you have it in the garden when it could be connected to the house, allowing you to share household appliances with the main building?

Let’s have a look at why you should have a granny flat built in your garden.

What Is The Purpose Of A Granny Flat?

So why would you need a granny flat? Granny flats are being used for a number of reasons now: to provide accommodation is the obvious reason, whether it be for an elderly relative who is struggling to live completely independently or young people returning from university looking for some form of independence whilst living at home.

Granny flats provide you with a great space for whatever purpose you desire. The annexe creates a brilliant outdoor living space without it feeling like an outdoor living space.

Typical outdoor structures, like garden rooms, log cabins, and conservatories are typically unsuitable living spaces for the British weather. They are either baking hot or freezing cold and damp.

But even with the unpredictability of the British Summer, the annexe is adaptable and cosy, especially when it does begin to lash it down in the middle of August.

The iHUS granny flats are insulated, centrally heated and fully glazed. If the sun ever does show itself, you can open the lovely French doors and windows to let in the fresh air.

A granny annexe is also the perfect way for your elderly relative to retain some independence without having to move into a nursing home or pay for expensive, live-in carers. It makes a smooth transition to full-time elderly care and allows you all to spend some quality time together before that does eventually happen.

Who Could a Granny Flat Benefit?

A granny flat provides accommodation for an elderly person who can no longer live completely independently and may have to rely on family members to help them get through their day to day activities. In this sense, it benefits the elderly who need a little more care.

However, a granny flat can be so much more than this. If you have a student returning home from university, they may be unable to financially support themselves living away from home. Plus, returning home can be a tough transition for both parent and child, and you have all grown used to a little independence.

An annexe can provide them with a great way to gain brilliant experience of life beyond the nest but in a much more affordable way.

It can help young people with financial planning and the challenges that we know all too well that they maybe don’t quite grasp yet, like the complex and far-fetched idea that amenities such as toilet roll or shampoo don’t just automatically replace themselves and you actually have to go to a shop and purchase them.

The growth in returning students choosing to adopt this accommodation choice has led to the creation of the new term “Graddy flat” which is defined as accommodation for a returning student.

IHUS annexes are perfect for returning students as all our annexes are built with fully fitted power points to charge their extensive number of devices, plus a fully fitted kitchen, a bathroom, and living and dining space. They can be one or two bedrooms.

Where Is The Best Place To Put Your Granny Flat?

You can have your granny flat anywhere you like, as long as there is space. Many people choose to have it at the end of their garden, but you can have it adjacent to the main house.

A garden is a popular option because it gives both parties a bit of privacy from the other, and each gets a slice of the garden to enjoy.

Image of woman gardening for iHus blog about granny flat in garden

If you are unsure about where to put your granny flat, our free consultation will help you decide. You might have considerations, such as large trees, marshy land, or even protected wildlife.

We can also talk to you about the necessary planning permission and apply for it on your behalf.

Get In Touch With iHUS

Granny flats are brilliant to have in your garden as they provide you with a great way to accommodate family members or increase the value of your property.

If you are thinking about creating your idealistic little home in your garden get in touch for more information and to set up a free consultation either via the phone 08081641111 or via the email enquiries@ihusprojects.com

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    Download Your Free Annexe Brochure

      Simply fill in the form and you will be emailed a link to download our 32 page annexe brochure. Please check your Junk mail if your brochure doesn’t appear in your inbox

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