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Why you should consider building an annexe

We’ve seen an insatiable demand for our annexes over recent years. So it came as no surprise to us to read that over 50% of respondents in a Legal & General survey believe the number of extended families living close together will soon be greater than more conventional parents-kids households.

Even more interestingly, 50% consider multigenerational living to be good news for society. And our iHus owners frequently tell us that living in our annexes transforms not only their lives, but also enriches the lives of their family members living in the main household.

Garden annexes – the ever-growing trend

A recent survey found that parents loved having grandparents on hand to help out with childcare, not to mention making a contribution towards those household bills too. And parents also appreciated the shared financial responsibility, the help with household chores and the joy of a closer family bond that came with grandparents living nearby.

Ultimately, the survey confirmed what we at iHus know all too well: 80% of those who responded who already enjoyed living as a wider family unit felt their lives were the richer for it.

Caring for your extended family

There’s nothing more important to you than your family. And more and more people are choosing to build a granny annexe to provide a caring and rewarding environment for their parents in their golden years.

There are two main reasons why people are choosing this solution.

Firstly, it makes perfect financial sense. At one time, the automatic choice was to place elderly parents in a care home. But the cost of residential establishments now makes this option unaffordable for many. Compared to the cost of a typical UK care home, a luxury iHus annexe will pay for itself within just 2 or 3 years.

Secondly, an iHus allows people to retain their independence whilst keeping them safe and sound. All with the added peace of mind of knowing you can be there right away whenever they need a helping hand.

Bringing family together

Forget long weekly car journeys to a distant care home, all you need to do to visit your parents in an iHus annexe is take a stroll down your garden path.

An iHus annexe lets the whole family enjoy so much more quality time together - whether that’s dropping in for morning coffee and a natter or inviting each other round for dinner. And let’s not forget how handy granny and grandpa can be when they’re readily available for ad-hoc childcare!

Son with elderly mum

Independent living​

Enjoying independent living is so important for elderly parents - and has a profound impact on their sense of self-esteem and personal happiness. That’s why so many really dislike the thought of institutionalised care homes – and love the idea of a luxury iHus annexe.

Every iHus annexe can be specially adapted to match your parents’ needs and lifestyles. From wheelchair access and disability ramps to a whole range of wet rooms, your bespoke iHus annexe will suit your parents down to the ground.

Keeping them safe

You know what care your elderly relatives are receiving any time of the night and day when they live in an iHus. You also have the reassurance of knowing they’re safe and well – and that you can check on them in moments.

Moving into a residential home can be difficult for parents when it comes to having to leave behind those little things that are so important, such as cherished furniture or a beloved pet. With an iHus, they can bring them with them and surround themselves with these much-loved possessions. And that means an iHus will feel like home from the day they pick up the keys.

Our Annexes

Over the past two decades we’ve brought the freedom of independence to individuals across every part of the UK with our stunning collection of detached homes. Better still, we’ve enabled families to enjoy all the benefits of true multigenerational living.

iHus annexes - welcome home to quality

To date we’ve planned and built over 400 iHus high-quality annexes, so you can trust us to deliver a place you’ll be proud to call your home.

Built around you

Everyone’s needs and wish-list is different, so we offer lots of choice at every stage to ensure your new home is simply perfect. Indeed, each annexe design in our stylish collection really is just the starting point, which is why no two iHus homes are ever identical.

Quality and choice

For the ultimate in flexibility, each is available in three different sizes and with one or two bedroom options – and you can select from a flat or pitched roof across our entire collection. But the choices don’t end there. We also give you the opportunity to fully customise your iHus to reflect your needs and individual style. And our experts will be by your side to help you choose from our generous menu of options and finishes.

The Wheatley is our most popular two-bedroom granny annexe, providing plenty of living space and two good sized bedrooms. This model is a product o...
The Hatfield is a spacious L-shaped annexe with two great sized bedrooms. All three footprints look stunning and are ideal for large corner plots.
All three footprints offer an alternative layout with a central living space and bedrooms at adjacent sides of the annexe. If you love large open-p...
The Melton is designed with a master bedroom and a smaller second bedroom that can be used as a home study if preferred. The ‘Extra Plus’ provides ...

Pamela, 71

From Devon

Next steps

Your iHus journey begins with an initial call to get to know you a little better and to understand your needs.

Talking to one of our iHus Annexe Experts we can answer any questions you might have and lay the groundwork for your perfect iHus Annexe.

We begin by getting to know you personally. chatting to you via zoom in your free virtual consultation will help us to understand your personal family situation and your needs so that we can build an iHus that is perfect for you.

We’ll also get to know about the plot of garden land you have in mind to situate the annexe. Its size, shape and orientation – as well as your available budget so that we can plan ahead.

Next, we’ll chat through the best size and layouts for your new home to perfectly match your unique requirements and personal preferences. This includes whether you would prefer one or two bedrooms, as well as how we can design your iHus in a way that reflects your lifestyle.

Talk to our experts

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With so much to consider when deciding your next stage in life you need as much information as possible. Our guide to annexe living provides you everything you need to consider when choosing to build an annexe.

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If you would like to download our annexe brochure please complete the form below. You call also request for a copy to be posted to your home address. Have any further questions, why not request one of our team get in touch?

Download our iHus annexe brochure

If you would like to download our annexe brochure, please complete the form below. You can also request for a hard copy to be posted to your home address. Have any further questions, why not request one of our team get in touch?

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