Granny Annexe: The Smart Elderly Care Alternative

With care home costs continuing to rise, a granny annexe can prove to be a cost-effective elderly care alternative. When compared to the UK average cost for residential care, a typical iHus granny annexe will pay for itself within the first 2-3 years.

Martin, 75

From Surrey

Popular Annexes for Elderly Care

Our core granny annexe range features 30 different footprints, all of which are available with a range of finishes and options. Here are some of our most popular models for elderly care alternatives.

The Wheatley is our most popular two-bedroom granny annexe, providing plenty of living space and two good sized bedrooms. Starting from £105,600, this model is a product of valued feedback.
The Hatfield is a spacious L-shaped annexe with two great sized bedrooms. All three footprints look stunning and are ideal for large corner plots.
The Loversall provides plenty of living space and two good sized bedrooms. The ‘Extra Plus’ is one of the most popular annexes within our Core range.
All three footprints offer an alternative layout with a central living space and bedrooms at adjacent sides of the annexe. If you love large open-plan living, this annexe is the perfect style for you.
The Melton is designed with a master bedroom and a smaller second bedroom that can be used as a home study if preferred. The ‘Extra Plus’ provides a master bedroom larger than in most new build homes today.
The Hickleton is the largest of our one-bedroom annexes. All three footprints boast a spacious open-plan living area with a galley style kitchen adjacent.

Advice on Buying a Granny Annexe

Buying a new product or service means doing a little bit of research, shopping around suppliers and looking for customer reviews. Buying a garden annexe is no different. Here is some advice from people who have been there, done that and got the annexe.

Mum would have had to have invested most of the money that she got from the sale of her house to get a property that had the same high standard as her annexe. And on top of that, there would have been annual service fees. We initially looked at a static caravan as an alternative but felt we wanted something a little more lifelong. That’s when we came across iHus.

Donna Giles

Value for Money

When you or your relative is thinking of moving to a smaller property, a bungalow or flat are options you might consider. When iHus customer Ingrid wanted to downsize, her initial thought was to purchase a flat closer to her daughter, Donna.

“My daughter wanted me to move closer to her and it was her who proposed a granny annexe,” says Ingrid. “I’m not getting any better, I need care and she wanted to look after me, so it seemed like a good idea.”

Donna explained that when they first looked at flats and compared what they could get, an annexe provided far better value for money.

Keeping Family Close

One of the key reasons for downsizing to a granny annexe is lack of companionship. Having family members nearby can provide peace of mind for everyone – keeping Mum and Dad within easy reach, but letting them enjoy their independence at the same time. It is a sociable and independent nursing home or elderly care alternative. 

Releasing equity to buy a granny annexe is not only a savvy investment, but a great way to support the mental wellbeing and safety of your loved ones. However, don’t take our word for it, why not listen to real life reviews from our customers experiencing this growing lifestyle first hand…

Granny Annexe Advice

Whatever you need, iHus is here to help you on your garden annexe journey. We’ve created our advice resources from the experiences of other satisfied customers.

Granny Annexe Projects for you

Here are a few Granny Annex Projects we think that you might like… You can also view all of our Granny Annexe Projects and find an annexe near you by searching on our Show Annexe Map.

Hot tub outside granny annexe

Ingrid & Donna Giles

Ingrid & daughter Donna Giles opted for a custom designed two-bed annex with large outdoor decked area.
granny annexe projects

Haughton’s Home

We recently visited the Haughton Family to see how garden annexe living was working out for them. It’s safe to say they feel like it was the perfect choice. Watch the video below to hear their experience of this ever-growing lifestyle.

Elderly care is considered to be in a bit of a crisis in the UK; many elderly people either don’t want to go into residential homes, they or their families can’t afford the costs, or, they cannot find a suitable placement.

Having some sense of independence and dignity is important for an elderly person, that’s why many children now choose to have their parents close by in their older years; either living with them or in a granny annexe. Below we discuss the benefits for both parent and child of elderly care in a granny annexe.

Elderly Care Crisis

According to Age UK, 1.4 million elderly people in the UK are struggling with care. They list several issues that are currently having an impact on elderly care;

Some people, in a bid to ensure that their parents don’t fall into a system that is failing, are choosing to look after their relatives at home. It isn’t uncommon to find many families who have an elderly relative living with them. One of the very best solutions for elderly care at home is a granny annexe.

image shows a woman giving elderly care by helping a lady with a jigsaw

Elderly Care at Home in A Granny Annexe

As mentioned, some people are choosing to care for their elderly parents at home in a granny annexe. This can provide an excellent solution for both you and your parent/s.

Firstly, there may be financial benefits to building a granny annexe. The cost of private care in the UK is high, both at home care and residential homes. If a parent has a property to sell, all if not most of the profit may have to be spent on present and future care. A granny annexe can be a cheaper option for some families.

Older people want to live, not just exist – another reason why a granny annexe can be a better option. Living in a granny annexe, your Mom, or Dad, would be able to live as independently as possible for as long as they can. Surrounded by their belongings, memories, and, with their family close by.

If your parents are pet owners, a granny annexe is ideal – many residential homes or assisted living communities do not allow pets. Caring for a pet can be a great source of comfort for an older person and living in an annexe would afford them the space to do that.

In addition to giving your parents their own space, a granny annexe will give you yours too. The idea of a parent moving in can be daunting – nobody wants to live in each other’s pockets. A granny annexe situated away from the main house gives you both the best of both worlds; privacy and independence, with the option to be there quickly when something is needed.

Even for a relative that may need more intensive care; help with getting dressed, cooking and cleaning, for example, could still benefit from living in a granny annexe. You could help them with the tasks they need assistance with, leaving them to remain independent in other areas.

Caring for an elderly relative in a granny annexe can also be good for their peace of mind – and yours. Many people today have busy lives and worrying about their parents or having to travel long distances to visit them can add stress. if you know your relative is in the annexe in your garden, you can rest your mind, knowing that they are safe. it’s also quick and easy to check up on them.

image shows an iHUS granny annexe clad in Marley Cedral Lap weatherboard

Considering a Granny Annexe For Your Relative?

If you or a parent are considering building a granny annexe, why not take a look at our core range? Designed and built to provide comfortable elderly care, you and your relative can both benefit.

If you have any questions about our annexes, please contact us.

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      Simply fill in the form and you will be emailed a link to download our 32 page annexe brochure. Please check your Junk mail if your brochure doesn’t appear in your inbox

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