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Why buying an annexe is a financially sound investment

As the term suggests, granny annexes have traditionally been used to keep ageing relatives close by, while also giving them independence. In recent years – however, annexes have transformed into a practical, financial and emotional solution, for a more adaptable breed of homeowners.

If you’re unsure as to why it’s financially beneficial to buy an annexe, you’ll find the answers you’re looking for in our comprehensive guide on the subject. Compare care home costs, hear what annexe owners have to say about annexe energy efficiency and much more today.

As the cost of living continues to creep upwards, an annexe could be a lifeline for either a first-time buyer or an older person struggling with health and mobility.

Save on Care Home Costs

While prices vary, the average cost of a residential care home is £704 per week. Those in nursing homes, where a trained nurse is always on-site, can expect to pay more - with an average cost of £888 per week. What’s more, due to an ageing population - and an associated rise in demand, this cost only looks set to increase in years to come.

inside an ihus granny annexe

It’s a First Step on the Property Ladder

A high proportion of our younger generation is finding themselves unable to get on the property ladder, because of high-interest rates, higher house prices and the cost-of-living crisis – it is becoming near impossible to save a deposit in some cases. This may contribute to the fact that the number of 20 to 34-year-old's living at home increased by a third between the years 1998 and 2017. It’s no surprise that annexes and garden homes are becoming increasingly popular for younger people, who are able to experience their own independence whilst saving a deposit. Some people also opt for annexe living as a more permanent move, where parents can help out with household duties and childcare for instance.

Save on Energy Costs with an Annexe

Heating a home can prove quite costly, especially in recent times, however a smaller energy efficient annexe could be the answer to your problems. Many of our customers report how warm and cosy our annexes keep during the cold winter months. An iHus annexe is a well-insulated new build, with top-tier double glazing throughout, which in-fact exceed current building regulations. What also helps is that that annexes are typically smaller than the average house, which helps to keep costs down all year-round.

Cost Savings For Everyone

Annexe Owner
Average Weekly Residential Carehome Cost Saving: £704
Average Weekly Nursing Home Cost Saving: £888
Reduced Running Costs vs Residential Property
Reduced Commute for Shopping
Approx. 40% Savings on Cleaning Time
Property Owner with an Annexe
Average Weekly Child Care Cost Saving: £137
Average Fully Time Nanny Cost Saving: £250-£400
Average Property Value Increase with Annexe: 25%
0 Commute Costs to Visit Family Member
Approx. 30% Savings on Dual Media Packages

From adding value to your property, to a care home alternative, find out how an annexe could financially benefit you and your family today in our informative annexe financial guide.

Our Annexes

Over the past two decades we’ve brought the freedom of independence to individuals across every part of the UK with our stunning collection of detached homes. Better still, we’ve enabled families to enjoy all the benefits of true multigenerational living.

iHus annexes - welcome home to quality

To date we’ve planned and built over 400 iHus high-quality annexes, so you can trust us to deliver a place you’ll be proud to call your home.

Built around you

Everyone’s needs and wish-list is different, so we offer lots of choice at every stage to ensure your new home is simply perfect. Indeed, each annexe design in our stylish collection really is just the starting point, which is why no two iHus homes are ever identical.

Quality and choice

For the ultimate in flexibility, each is available in three different sizes and with one or two bedroom options – and you can select from a flat or pitched roof across our entire collection. But the choices don’t end there. We also give you the opportunity to fully customise your iHus to reflect your needs and individual style. And our experts will be by your side to help you choose from our generous menu of options and finishes.

The Wheatley is our most popular two-bedroom granny annexe, providing plenty of living space and two good sized bedrooms. This model is a product o...
The Hatfield is a spacious L-shaped annexe with two great sized bedrooms. All three footprints look stunning and are ideal for large corner plots.
All three footprints offer an alternative layout with a central living space and bedrooms at adjacent sides of the annexe. If you love large open-p...
The Melton is designed with a master bedroom and a smaller second bedroom that can be used as a home study if preferred. The ‘Extra Plus’ provides ...

Pamela, 71

From Devon

Next steps

Your iHus journey begins with an initial call to get to know you a little better and to understand your needs.

Talking to one of our iHus Annexe Experts we can answer any questions you might have and lay the groundwork for your perfect iHus Annexe.

We begin by getting to know you personally. chatting to you via zoom in your free virtual consultation will help us to understand your personal family situation and your needs so that we can build an iHus that is perfect for you.

We’ll also get to know about the plot of garden land you have in mind to situate the annexe. Its size, shape and orientation – as well as your available budget so that we can plan ahead.

Next, we’ll chat through the best size and layouts for your new home to perfectly match your unique requirements and personal preferences. This includes whether you would prefer one or two bedrooms, as well as how we can design your iHus in a way that reflects your lifestyle.

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