The ‘Shack At The Back’

A two-bedroom Cadeby Extra Plus, finished in grey green Marley cedral weatherboard with flat-roof and feature canopy.



Annexe Model

Cadeby EP


12.5m x 6m



Kimber's Shack

This Bespoke Annexe is clad in Marley Cedral Weatherboard Grey Green with a EPDM Synthetic rubber flat roof. Featuring Grey UPVc Facias and Anthracite Grey on White windows and doors. This bespoke design also boasts an eye-catching overshoot canopy with front LED Lights.

Absolutely the right thing to do for us. We are very happy and relaxed here. I would say for anyone, if you are thinking of doing it go for it, don’t hesitate.

Wendy's Story

Wendy Kimber opted to situate an annexe in the garden of her bungalow – once Wendy moved into her new home, daughter Karen then moved into her Mums bungalow. This was an ideal solution for the family, which includes Wendy’s husband, Eric, who has Parkinson’s disease.

Home Swapping

Wendy Kimber and her partner Eric swapped their unsuitable bungalow for a brand new iHUS annexe after considering many options for their future;  “Our bungalow wasn’t suitable for us to live in anymore, so we needed an alternative option. That’s when we came up with the idea of our daughter, Karen moving into our existing bungalow and us building an annexe in the garden.” Says Wendy.

“We considered converting the garage and building on the back of that, but the council wouldn’t allow it – we also considered moving and finding a place with an annexe already attached. In the end it seemed like the ideal solution would be to stay here but with us living in an annexe and Karen in our old home.”

Wendy chose an iHUS annexe after researching which structures would last the longest. Wanting to enjoy their older years in peace and not having to think about repairs or replacing their home. She says; “We just felt like these annexes were very sturdy – they’re made here in the UK and the layouts offered worked for us. We had looked at log cabin style homes but there was just too much wood for me! I liked the plastered walls inside iHUS’ annexes. They felt more permanent.”

Wendy and Eric chose a two-bedroom model – the Cadeby Extra Plus and opted to have the exterior clad in grey green Marley cedral weatherboard. The grey windows complement the green and make the annexe look a little bit different and unique. The flat roof overhangs the building to act as a canopy and is fitted with LED down lights.

Don’t Hesitate to Do it!

The Kimber’s annexe and living arrangements have turned out to be ideal for them; “We don’t miss our old bungalow.” Says Wendy, “We feel like the annexe is home now. Its lovely having the family so close by – with our daughter Karen living in our old bungalow and our other daughter living across the road. Its lovely to be able to sit at the dining table and see the grandkids playing in the garden on the trampoline.”

Daughter Karen was worried that the children would prove too noisy for her parents but said; “I’m amazed how soundproof the annexe is! My children play in the garden and if Mum has the windows closed, she can’t hear the swings or the trampoline. She can just close the door if she needs peace and quiet!”

The family feel like choosing an annexe and living so close to relatives has enabled them to better support each too; “If I go out Mum can watch the kids or if I’m wondering if she’s ok it’s easy for me to just make a coffee and pop down. We support each other really.” Says Karen.

Wendy is also thrilled with the space and layout of their annexe; “We love the amount of space we have and the open plan style. We have socials here and there is plenty of places for people to sit and to put food out. I also like being able to cook in the kitchen and still see through to the lounge – I can keep an eye on Eric and make sure he’s ok. His Parkinson’s means he has balance problems and that sort of thing.” explains Wendy.

“It’s perfect for us really. If you are thinking about building an annexe and want to live near to your family, then this really is a great solution. If you’re thinking about it – don’t hesitate to do it!”

Keleher's Perfect Solution

This bespoke L-shaped annexe, finished in cedral weatherboard, features a large U-shaped kitchen and bathroom complete with bath.
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Clarke custom granny annexe

Custom Engineered

This large, two-bedroom custom annexe was finished to an exceptionally high specification, with open-plan kitchen and living area.
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As Seen On The BBC

Margaret Wilson and daughter Nicky recently had their custom annexe featured on BBC One. Click to watch the video walk-though.
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