Why are Houses with a Granny Annexe Worth More Money?

Houses with granny annexe

It’s common knowledge that making developments to your property impacts its market value, whether it’s an annexe build or not. But, what exactly makes houses with a granny annexe worth more money – and just how much of a boost could you expect? Discover the answers in this ultimate guide on the investment value behind […]

Social Activities for Elderly Annexe Owners

Social activities for elderly

While we all dream of retirement in our working days, nothing quite prepares us for daily life as a retiree. Budgeting, care costs and inheritance tax are growing concerns – but none are more pressing than how you’ll occupy your time. Loneliness is common in seniors, with over 1.4 million older people in the UK […]

Garden Living Pod vs Garden Living Room

If you’re looking into annexes, you’ve likely encountered a bunch of ways people refer to that extra space in their garden area. In a period where the housing market is so uncertain, these builds offer a chance to use your space in the best way possible. But, with terms like ‘garden living pod’ and ‘garden […]

iHus Launches New Offering for Granny Annexe Solar Panels

Whether it’s a first step on the property ladder, alternative care option for retirees or simply a spare guest room  in the garden, we’re constantly looking for ways to enhance our provision of custom-built annexes . That’s why, we’re thrilled to announce, we’re launching a new solar panel service. From reducing energy bills to turning […]

Our Guide to Home Care Costs

male receiving care

When it comes to getting older, it doesn’t matter how much savings you’ve stashed away, whether you’ve got a large personal budget or a small one – or even if you’re self-funding your support, everyone needs to understand the fundamentals of home care costs… What is Home Care? Home care support – or domiciliary care […]

Spring Style Tips for Your Granny Annexe

stylish annexe living space

Spring is here we’re excited about it! We love the potential for a whole new beginning, and think this brings a wonderful opportunities for our beautiful granny Annexe homes. So, throw out that old dark sofa, remove your winter curtains, and upgrade your interior look with subtle Spring nick-nacks. If your home is ready for […]

Energy Efficient Home Design… Retrofitting vs a New-Build iHus Annexe

Energy efficient home design is becoming increasingly important in this age of financial uncertainty and rising bill payments. In fact – according to a recent UK-wide study, 61% of potential buyers are now prioritising energy-efficiency when hunting down a new home. New-build annexes are financially beneficial for a wide range of reasons; they lower the […]

Save Money with a Granny Annexe

Many people exploring the option of annexe living soon discover the potential cost benefits of doing so, whether the annexe is to house an elderly relative whos wellbeing you are concerned for, or a younger person struggling to afford a house of their own. Adding an annexe to a property can provide many cost saving […]

Luxury Garden Pods: How to Annexe in Style…

Ham Annexe

If you told someone you were moving into an annexe a decade ago, it’s likely you’d be met with concern about living in ‘some kind of garden shed’. Over the years though, they’ve transformed into a thing of luxury. Far from your bog-standard garden shed, these high-spec and contemporary living spaces have become an increasingly […]