How much does a self contained garden annexe cost?

Self contained garden annexes are a highly effective – and surprisingly affordable – way to increase the usability of your outdoor spaces.  By choosing a reputable and recommended supplier, you can secure this structure at a very competitive price.  As a durable, weather-resistant and stylish structure, all at a very affordable cost, annexes really do […]

Why are Houses with a Granny Annexe Worth More Money?

Houses with granny annexe

It’s common knowledge that making developments to your property impacts its market value, whether it’s an annexe build or not. But, what exactly makes houses with a granny annexe worth more money – and just how much of a boost could you expect? Discover the answers in this ultimate guide on the investment value behind […]

Our Guide to Home Care Costs

male receiving care

When it comes to getting older, it doesn’t matter how much savings you’ve stashed away, whether you’ve got a large personal budget or a small one – or even if you’re self-funding your support, everyone needs to understand the fundamentals of home care costs… What is Home Care? Home care support – or domiciliary care […]

Save Money with a Granny Annexe

Many people exploring the option of annexe living soon discover the potential cost benefits of doing so, whether the annexe is to house an elderly relative whos wellbeing you are concerned for, or a younger person struggling to afford a house of their own. Adding an annexe to a property can provide many cost saving […]

Our Four-Stage Retirement Budget Planner

Annexe exterior

Preparing your retirement budget is one mammoth of a task; especially as you could need it to last you several decades. Of course, how comfortable you are in retirement will depend on your stream of income; and, for low-earners, retirement will look very different to those with more room-to-breathe. In the UK, there are two […]

A Brief Guide to Inheritance Tax Planning

grandma and granddaughter

Nobody enjoys thinking about what’s to come after we’ve gone; but for many, it’s important to to keep some element of control when it comes to passing on assets. To make sure that your loved ones are properly provided for, it may be a good idea to start looking into inheritance tax planning. With lots […]

5 Different Uses for your Garden Home

With a whole host of different terms used to describe the same building; it’s easy to wonder exactly what the difference is between a modern garden home, and a traditional granny-annexe. The truth is, there isn’t really one. Both are permanent units, detached from the main home building and fully-equipped with a living space, kitchen […]

Does An Annexe Add Value? The Rising Popularity of the Garden Building

Mother and daughter

Annexes are currently seeing a boom across the UK which leads to the question – does an annexe add value to the price of your property? In short, the answer is yes, but it is certainly not simply in monetary terms. An Annexe can add value to a family home in many ways. Let us […]