Granny Annexe Designs: Choosing The Right Option For You

When it comes to choosing which granny annexe design is right for you with all the different options available sometimes your heart might start to rule your head.

When making this important decision as a family you should set out the deciding factors as your boundaries and stick to them as much as possible.

When we launched our new look website back in March 2017, we decided to create several different sections on the website to help you decide whether a Core, Custom or Contemporary annexe would suit your situation, style & design preferences and budget.

Annexe living should always be a choice that allows you to help a member of your family enjoy a lifestyle change for the better and approaching this major purchase in the same way as buying a new home helps makes the decision process easier.

Here are some of our top tips inspired by our customers who have made the decision and created a win / win situation for themselves and their families.

Our HUScore Granny Annexe Designs Help You Stay On Track With Your Budget

Even with the recent interest rate rises announced by the Bank of England the UK property market continues to be as buoyant in 2018 as it has been in this year when we have recently seen the Government announce that they have hit their target of building 217,000 homes this year.

However the cost of new homes is still something that is beyond the reach of a considerable amount of people (young or old) we see every week looking at annexes as the only really affordable housing option that solves problems families face today.

Our HUScore Garden Annexes start at around £70,000 for a turn-key one bedroom annexe that is perfect for bringing an elderly family member to live independently in your back garden.

The HUScore granny annexe designs are also ideal for young family members or single income independent adults or young families needing a home of their own without the stress of renting at ever increasing monthly costs or trying to find a mortgage that they qualify for.

HUScore annexes are available in 8 different models (4 one bedroom annexes and 4 two bedroom annexes) each with 3 different floor plans and the option of a pitched roof or a flat roof.

This gives HUScore annexe buyers the choice of 24 different styles and sizes of annexes to choose from plus a choice of kitchen and bathroom finishes, laminate floor choices and other finishing options to make their HUScore annexe unique to them.

Floor plan of rectangular annex with bathroom and store to one end and kitchen to other, and bedroom and living space in between

Top tips for choosing HUScore annexes:

  • The floor plans available have been designed to maximise the living space, offer incredible value for money and be flexible enough to choose your kitchen and bathroom “off plan” as it were.
  • We include free delivery of everything within the turn-key price and as our HUScore annexes are built as mobile homes they are zero rated for VAT purposes saving you 20% off the full retail price of this type of build. (For example an extension would attract VAT at 20% typically costing you more than an annexe.)
  • Decide on your overall budget and select your interior finishes from our range of options. These are already included in the price of the annexe!
  • Making small adjustments to the internal floor plan or the overall size will attract additional costs that can affect your overall budget. The more changes you make the more it will cost and if an annexe is considered too big for the plot or not subordinate to the main house obtaining planning permission to build the annexe will become difficult.
  • Let one of our expert annexe consultants guide you on the best option for your situation and budget by requesting a free on site consultation.

Our Custom Granny Annexe Designs Offer You Complete Flexibility When Building An Annexe

Self-building your own home in the UK is considered something only people with a budget of in excess of £800,000 can do and our love for TV programs like Grand Designs seem to perpetuate that myth.

IHUS custom annexes are something we have always done successfully over the last few years and are always in demand for customers with either a passion for design or who live in a conservation area, own a listed building or live in an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Some of our most spectacular annexes are our custom annexes and all of them are completely unique.

Aldridge Annexe with slate roof and wooden walls, overlooking walled garden with flower beds and lawn, and metal patio set in corner

When it comes to choosing which type of annexe is right for you it can be particularly easy to get carried away with the design of the annexe and your budget.

If you live in an area of outstanding natural beauty or a conservation area your Local Planning Authority is going to dictate which materials it wants you to use when building your annexe and this can result in having to outsource certain types of windows, doors, cladding, tiles or finishes at a much higher cost than our standard finishes.

Custom annexes allow you to build an annexe in exactly the way you want, albeit within the restrictions of our structural calculations and as every annexe we build is also put through Building Regulations for complete peace of mind, there are certain guidelines that have to be precisely met to comply.

Top tips for choosing custom annexes:

  • If you live in an area of outstanding natural beauty, a conservation area or live in a listed building, a custom annexe is likely to be your best choice for successfully building an annexe on your property.
  • In certain circumstances we might use the Caravan Act to obtain a Certificate of Lawfulness for your annexe. (You can read more about the planning process by clicking here.)
  • Custom annexes typically require a budget of £130,000 – £200,000 depending on the size and final specification, however when compared to self-building or renovation costs today this can still offer spectacular savings and value for money for all concerned.
  • Whilst building an annexe can unleash the inner designer in you, keep what is important for you and the annexe owner uppermost in your mind before throwing caution to the wind with your budget.

Our Contemporary Granny Annexe Designs Offer You The Highest Specification Annexe Available

The new IHUS Contemporary annexe was launched at Grand Designs Live in London in March 2017 and has attracted many admirers with it’s sleek contemporary styling and superb interior floor plan and specification.

It is without doubt the best loved floor plan of 2017 for obvious reasons. It’s also a very large annexe boasting 92 square metres of floor space (in comparison most UK 4 bedroom detached houses have a total square metre area of 110 square metres upstairs and downstairs combined.)

With it’s vertical cladding available in a wide range of colours and it’s high specification modern interior the IHUS Contemporary is the perfect annexe for modern city chic style living in an annexe.

When choosing which style annexe suits your budget, garden and particular family situation we often see either the parents style preferences dominate the design or the main homes owners style preferences dictate what style they would prefer to look at in the garden.

Very often, it’s the iHUS Contemporary that the parents consider perfect for downsizing without compromise or for the generation being brought up with contemporary open plan living as “the norm” it is the only one they would consider being contemporary and modern enough to be a valuable addition to their main home.

Top tips for choosing contemporary granny annexe designs:

  • The IHUS contemporary annexe is a high specification annexe designed for stylish modern day living. This annexe really is all about a lifestyle choice.
  •  As the contemporary annexe comes with everything most modern day homes have and more, the specification is as good as it gets when it comes to floor plans and finishes, literally everything is included with the exception of furniture and soft furnishings although wardrobes are included in this model as standard.
  • There is an additional Eco+ Package for the IHUS which delivers an enhanced build specification including cutting-edge solar power generation.
  • Depending on where you live in the UK the IHUS Contemporary will seem a great investment when compared to a comparable modern apartment of this size and style.


  • HUScore annexes offer the perfect way to build an annexe in your back garden to help family members enjoy a better quality of life.
  • Custom annexes  offer you an alternative to traditional self-building and are the best option for conservation areas, areas of outstanding natural beauty or listed buildings.
  • Contemporary annexes are perfect for modern day apartment style living wherever you live. It’s also perfect for downsizing without compromise.
  • Whichever you choose, make full use of our free on site consultation service and professional planning services for your best chance of obtaining the best advice for you and your particular circumstances. It’s a win / win for you.

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Download our iHus annexe brochure

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If you would like to download our annexe brochure, please complete the form below. You can also request for a hard copy to be posted to your home address. Have any further questions, why not request one of our team get in touch?


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