The 4 Key Aspects of Granny Flat Design

For many people – designing their own home is a dream opportunity; it’s a chance to create a space that fully reflects your own style and preferences, after all. With so many things to think of – it can be easy for self-builders to become overwhelmed; or overlook key elements. Having an annexe constructed is […]

Our Garden Home Design Tips

In Kitchen with grandchild

Getting a custom-built annexe constructed on your property is, in essence, self-building with professional delivery. With all the freedom this brings; there’s a whole host of ways you can add your own personal flavour into your garden home design. From handpicking interior furnishings to selecting the right construction materials – the options available to you […]

Kennedy Family: Our Story

  Our customer Jane needed a home that allowed her to live in her own living space and remain independent with her daughter close by. Jane lived over 2 hours drive away from her daughter which meant visits were not very frequent. After a few falls and the need for a knee operation; Jane and […]

Annexe Interiors at Christmas

Family christmas

It’s well and truly here, it’s early December and therefore time to consider your annexe Christmas interiors! No matter what you have planned for the festive season, the right decorations are sure to make the greatest family occasion even more special this year. We’re getting into the seasonal spirit here at iHus by giving you […]

Modular Buildings: What are they and who can benefit?

older couple

A modular building is one that has been pre built from several repeated sections – modules – to form a completed unit. In short, this is exactly what a Granny Annexe is – and while the term modular building can make it sound a bit more generic and lifeless, it can also help to explain […]

Sustainable Living in An Annexe

Sustainable living by planting trees

As the cost of living is rising so rapidly, sustainable living is a huge consideration for many families across the UK. There are a number of reasons for this shift in trend including financial constraints, environmental consciousness and personal well-being. Firstly let’s explore financial constraints: The Cost of Living is Rising Swarming the media right […]

Making Your Granny Annexe Cosy For Winter

December marks the official start winter. The most wonderful time of the year according to that Andy Williams fella. However, weather reports are telling us to brace ourselves for ‘the coldest winter in 100 years’ (although we’re pretty sure they say that every year). So, now is the time to make your granny annexe cosy […]

Top 5 Two Bedroom Annexes

Top Five Two Bedroom Annexes Here at iHUS, our range of luxury, self-contained granny annexes feature a number of stunning two bedroom annexes. In this blog, we’re going to outline our top 5 two bedroom annexes.

Choosing The Layout Of Your Granny Annexe

Planning your granny annexe is an exciting time. And one of the first and most important decisions you will make is the layout of your self-contained annexe. Once you’ve chosen the layout, it will be time to get started on the build, and before you know it, you’ll be moving into your dream annexe.