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Garden Living Pod vs Garden Living Room

If you’re looking into annexes, you’ve likely encountered a bunch of ways people refer to that extra space in their garden area. In a period where the housing market is so uncertain, these builds offer a chance to use your space in the best way possible. But, with terms like ‘garden living pod’ and ‘garden room’ flying about, you may be left wondering – what’s the difference?

What are Garden Living Pods?

Garden living pods are multi-functional spaces that allow homeowners to expand a property without having to consider the many complexities of extensive construction work first. As the latest trend in home improvements, they offer a modern and unique home extension method that is both cost-effective and hassle-free. As self-contained annexes, our garden living pods contain all the amenities of a traditional home, including living, bathroom and kitchen spaces.

As such, garden pods provide an ideal housing solution if you’re wanting elderly relatives to live close by, but don’t have enough room for them in the main house. Alternatively – if you’re not wanting to use the space as a devoted ‘home within a home’, it could also be used as a contemporary office space, personal gym, home cinema – or anything else you might desire.

How do Garden Living Pods differ from Garden Rooms?

Both garden living pods and garden rooms provide extra indoor space for a property, so how exactly do they differ from each other? As the name suggests, garden rooms tend to be just that – an additional room in the garden, albeit with all the mod-cons. In simple terms, garden rooms are not self-contained, and cannot be used as a form of permanent accommodation.

In contrast, garden pods are versatile, and can be used as either a traditional granny annexe – or a garden room of any purpose. As such, it’s important to determine whether or not your new space is intended for independent living before steaming ahead with construction. Be it annexe, room or pod, this key detail plays a crucial role in the planning permission process.

An Annexe - or a Garden Living Pod

It’s also worth noting that some people consider garden pods to be condensed in their size and purpose – but this isn’t always the case. While it is possible for them to be compact in their design to suit even the smallest of backyard plots, modern garden living pods can also come in spacious footprints – with one or two bedrooms depending on your individual needs.

What are the Benefits?

Garden living pods provide inhabitants and homeowners with a myriad of benefits – so many, in fact, that we’re only covering a few stand-out ones here. Above all else, garden pods offer elderly relatives a sense of reassurance, support and security. While they offer these people independent living solutions, garden pods also enable them to live closer to their loved ones. This addresses two key issues older people face: loneliness, and concerns over their safety.

As our health and mobility declines, having friends and family within close proximity means in-home care and support are always on hand. What’s more – by opting to live in the garden, older people can enjoy greater privacy. Doorstep scammers often target elderly retirees, so living in a space that’s inaccessible from the roadside can help avoid these disturbances.

Situated in an outdoor space, but with all the comforts of the indoors, a wooden garden pod offers extra living space advantages in its own right – by allowing owners to bring the beauty of nature into their own home. With the option to add in French doors and skylights, you can maximise on natural light to heat your home, while getting great views of your garden space.

Do I need Planning Permission?

It doesn’t matter if you’re calling it a garden pod, granny annexe – or any other variation of the word, if the main purpose of your build is for full-time living, you will most likely need to gain planning permission or a certificate of lawfulness from your local authority. What’s more – regardless of whether it’s self-sufficient or just a simple garden office, it will need to follow current building regulations, even if it is deemed that planning permission isn’t necessary.

Of course, the planning permission process is a confusing one, and it’s likely that exploring it will bring up a host of additional questions. To avoid any headaches, we’d always advise you to get in touch with our expert team of planning professionals, or to browse through all of the planning advice we supply. We’re so confident in our ability to gain successful results, we’re proud to offer all our clients a 100% planning consent commitment or your deposit back.

Proud Providers of Garden Living Pods

Whether you’re wanting a bespoke office pod, custom garden studio or a full-fledged granny annexe, our high-quality wooden garden pods deliver. We’ll help expand your outdoor space, maximise on the benefits involved and determine the best garden pod layout for your needs.
Using quality building materials – both inside and out, we’ll craft the versatile space you’ve dreamed of. Complete with insulation and other features that mimic those used in new-build homes, our garden living pods will keep you comfortable all year round. With all these perks – and more, what’re you waiting for? Simply get in touch with our friendly team to learn more.

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